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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wata Addiction

I think I am addicted, yes addicted to drinking Wata. Well, not the plain Wata but the Cranberry flavoured Ocean Spray Wata. From the first time I decided to try one, it seems I became hooked on these flavoured water, both the white and red cranberry flavoured water. Now I'm wondering if they put something else in that water to get people hooked, something other than cranberry juice. I have at least on bottle of these cranberry water, at least four times a week!

I must admit they do taste good and much more palate-exiting than plain water. I guess it's not all bad though, as I have replaced that box drink I have with lunch and, some of the times, the drink I have with dinner, with the cranberry Ocean Spray Wata. This has a two fold benefit apart from tasting good. One, it has much less sugar than the box drink or bottle juice that I would normally have and two, I get more fluid in my system as I am more likely to drink the cranberry flavoured water than the plain water. So I guess this Cranberry Flavoured Ocean Spray Wata isn't a bad addiction right?

Disclaimer: This is not a sales pitch for Cranberry Flavoured Ocean Spray Wata as I am not receiving monetary compensation for this post or even a free case of flavoured water for this post.

10 commented:

cant replace good old water

i hate it! well the red one. its too acidic. never tried the white


I co-sign on the cranberry water Stunner. I'd also like to thank the genius at Tropicana who decided to combine Strawberry with Melon and Peach with Papaya.

@Jdid: True, sometime we just need water to quench our thirst.

@Pepper: Really! Yuh sure yuh never buy a spoil one?

@Gussie: Never tried those Tropicana flavours before.

I hate all flavored and bottled water.

I drink lots of plain good ole immune system building tap water from dutty nwc everyday and luving it.

Ha! A case of Cranberry Wata is on my weekly grocery list. I never even thought I could be addicted. The case has 24 and I buy that and 3 bottles of the regular water and I buy that every week. I hate the white one though ... it tastes like dirty water.

I quit drinking Tropicana when I heard it was recycled sewer water they used to make it. Don't know if it is true but decided not to take the chance.

Ionized water is the purest you can get. Water is not pure any more, not even the bottled ones.

I guess not. I wonder how it would be as a mixer with vodka and rum. Hmmm. We don't get it in Cayman, so I am going to have to do some detective work to find out.

I like them too. But I think they've cut down on the cranberry as they've been tasting fresher as of late.

Plain old tap water 99.9% of the time for me.Never had that cranberry flvour though

I've never even tasted one of those things, for me if it's flavoured then it ain't water.