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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Revenge of the Fallen

I have been anticipating Transformers Revenge of the Fallen for some time now. However I had delayed going to the movies to watch it as I kept hearing horror stories of the cinema being filled to capacity, especially for this movie. My first attempt at watching this movie was last week Monday at the two for one late movie special. However, this was a total failure as we arrived at the cinema late, about 8:10pm, which is in fact late for a two for one special day and as such the movie was sold out and also parking was non-existent. So I had to make a return to Carib 5 on Friday, to watch the movie, and even this was almost a total failure as the only available seats when I arrived was the box seats. After escaping the heat of my apartment, to watch this movie, I was not prepared to return to the heat again so quickly and opted to pay the extra for the box seats.

The movie started off on a funny note with the very funny conversations and behaviour of Sam and his comedic family members. However, the comedy was soon joined by action, action and more action. If you wanted to watch a movie that had a lot of metallic, robotic action mixed with merciless bullets firing from big guns, then this was the movie! I will agree with the critiques that said the story line was a bit weak, but the action throughout the movie made up for the not so strong story. As I said before, if you, like me, went to this movie with action on your mind, then you would enjoy this action packed movie mixed with the spices of comedy.

I did have a small feeling of wanting something more at the end of the movie, a little more fighting and metal crunching between Optimus Prime and Megatron and especially when Optimus fought with The Fallen. That would have made the movie a full dose of action for me. Nevertheless, when you see a Jamaican crowd clap at the end of a movie when it has been showing for over two weeks now, you know it is good! So to me it was a good movie overall, and definitely one that can be watched at the cinema, especially if Transformers was your cartoon of choice is your youthful days. I will give it a Stunner Rating of 4 out of 5.

3 commented:

been out for a whole month now, its 2 hours of people shooting in the desert. Yeah it has the action but you'll forget about that movie as soon as you leave the theater.

aaah yes another review of that piece of disappointing, pointless *bleep*.

ya better than me. i was disappointed cause the first one was so nice and this one was just so....

disappointing summer movie wise man, if not for star trek and hangover i would be looking to sue hollywood for mi money