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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Too Many Tweets!!!

Earlier I went on to Twitter to see what the latest was with my twittering friends, and to let out a one tweet, but it seems everyone is tweeting! I was shocked by the page that greeted me! Did something critical happen that has prompted everyone to hit twitter and just start twittering? Or is it that people truly have nothing to do, so much so that they are sending out so many tweets that the server is in overload? One thing for sure thought, Twitter has become very popular, and seems to be even rivaling Facebook. It's not just the ordinary people like me and you who have entered the Twittersphere, it is much larger than that! Celebrities, small businesses, large multinational corporations and even the news stations have logged on to this social networking website. Now you can follow almost anyone and anything on Twitter.

Ever since a few bloggers, I won't say any names, convinced me to jump aboard unto this twitter thing, I have been lurking there. I use the word lurk, as I am logged in at times, but the majority of the times, that just it, I have been logged in, I may give out a tweet every now and then during the course of the day and engage into a conversation a few times, but that's just about it. However, it seems I am just about the only one who hasn't become a twitter addict! Or have I and I just don't know it yet?

Ok, it's up now, let me go send out a tweet that I just posed on my blog.

11 commented:

Don't worry stunner, the "fail whale" as it's lovingly called has been happening since the early geek tech days of twitter, it used to happen EVERYDAY, happens lessnowadys though

your first introduction to the fail whale.

Really cool guy, he has been coming out less these days though

i still havent been assimilated yet

I'm holding out until the government forces me to join twitter
until then I am tweet free

Fail Whale!

I loves the Twitter. I meet more people in real life due to Twitter than other online media types and I also end up getting a lot of free stuff.

Wow. A sighting of the rare fail whale.


Well boy,sometimes it is hard to join convos so sit back and watch works too. I find twitter makin g me lapse with my blogging

aaaw your fail whale cherry has been popped!!

Not a tweeter myself. Facebook is pretty cool though.

I'm not a tweeter ... I think 1 social networking page is enough. I think I might check it out though seeing you are one of my favourite bloggers :)