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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Digital Jam 2.0 Launched

Attendees at Digital Jam 2.0
I was invited to the press launch of Digital Jam 2.0 which was held on Tuesday May 8, 2012 at the Office of the Prime Minister. Digital Jam 2.0 is an initiative of the Jamaican government, the World Bank and several private sector companies to promote employment in the virtual economy of Jamaica. The letter I received with the invitation explains a bit more about what Digital Jam 2.0:


The Government of Jamaica, in collaboration with The World Bank, Jamaican private sector companies and international development partners, will stage Digital Jam 2.0 – “The Future of Work is Online”, a programme of activities that will include a 24hr Sports Hackathon, Mobile Apps Contest, apps development workshops, Tech Camps, Seminars and a Market place and Job Fair. It will culminate in Kingston, June 28-30, 2012 at the Jamaica Conference Centre.

The mission of this pivotal programme is to promote youth employment in the virtual economy in Jamaica, by showcasing their talent and big ideas; introducing them to trends, training and success stories and connecting them to jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities. 

In helping to take Jamaica a step further and in alignment with Jamaica’s technology trajectory, Digital Jam 2.0 will focus our youth on the world’s transition to technology related industries and opportunities. The event represents an initial step of a broader strategy to facilitate youth employment in the virtual global economy."

Ede Jorge ljjász Vásquez Director for Sustainable Development Latin America & Caribbean Region World Bank
Several persons from the media, as well as representatives from the private sector sponsors of the initiative, were in attendance at the Digital Jam 2.0 launch. The audience was addressed by Giorgio Valentini World Bank Representative to Jamaica, Ede Jorge ijjász Vásquez and Fabio Pittaluga also of the World Bank, Michelle English President and COO of Flow Jamaica and Columbus Business Solutions, Hon. Lisa Hanna Minister of Youth & Culture and a local participant Matthew Budram.

Hon Lisa Hanna Minister of Youth & Culture
This is a very good step by the stakeholders involved as technology is definitely one of the ways forward in building a stronger economy. We do have a lot of talented youths in our country, but they are being stifled by the lack of opportunity to help their ideas and skills flourish. Hopefully Digital Jam 2.0 will make the needed impact on the economy by providing the employment it promises for our young technologically savvy and showcase the creativity and ingenuity of  our Jamaican people.

As usual, being a photographer I cannot help but to walk with my camera and take a few photos. I have uploaded an album of the photos I took of the launch of Digital Jam 2.0 to my facebook page. You may take a look at my coverage by clicking here.

2 commented:

This sounds very interesting Joel. How did you get invited?? I really hate to be a cynic but we have seen many programmes introduced that is supposed to help young entrepreneurs and/or persons with great innovative ideas to find a place in the market. Too many times, the dream lands very far from the reality. Agreed that technology is the way to go but will a program like this be sustained, and will the persons who really need the help be able to access what is available??

So true, and very good questions. I guess we can only watch this one nd see.