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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cafe Blue On The Mountain

Cafe Blue Irish Town
Recently I went up to Strawberry Hills on an assignment, however, I made a stop at Cafe Blue for a good cup of the original Blue Mountain Coffee. Being an avid coffee lover I could not let the opportunity to enjoy the taste of freshly brewed Blue Mountain coffee go by without firmly and eagerly seizing it. What better way to enjoy that flavour and aroma than to go to the Cafe Blue that's closest to the source, Cafe Blue Irish Town.

Cafe Blue located along the main road through Irish Town
The Irish Town location is quite a bit of a drive away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Kingston along very rough, narrow and winding roads. This location is definitely not the Cafe Blue to go to for a quick cup of Java, rather it's a must stop is you are heading up into the Blue Mountains. It's perched on a hillside along the main road running through the rural community called Irish Town.The original and first Cafe Blue location opened by the parent company Coffee Traders Ltd, carries a somewhat rustic charm and a relaxed atmosphere, qualities that befit its location in the hills of the Blue Mountains.

The interior of Cafe Blue Irish Town
Coffee machine used to brew fresh Blue Mountain coffee
This quaint coffee shop serves up several mixes of coffee beverages guaranteed to tantalize the tastebuds of any coffee lover. However, they are not just limited to coffee, but they offer tasty cakes and pastry that go well with the smooth taste of the world famous Blue Mountain coffee. It's definitely worth the stop if it's even for a few minutes, which might turn to a few hours on the terrace if you have good company. If you just can't satisfy with a cup or two of that wonderful Blue Mountain coffee you can take some with you as the Cafe Blue offers a wide variety of wonderfully packaged Blue Mountain coffe as well as coffee mugs for the true Blue Mountain coffe enthusiast.

My cup of coffee which I enjoyed on the terrace at Cafe Blue
Tasty pastry and cakes at cafe Blue
Several types of roasted coffee available for purchase
Coffee Mugs for the trie Blue Mountain Coffee lovers
So if you are in the area of Irish Town, going to Strawberry Hills or even to Holywell and you love coffee then Cafe Blue is a must stop for that Java craving!

9 commented:

I'll have to swing by on my next trip to the yard.

Nice shots! Hope their service not as rotten as those idiots at the sovereign branch.

Ditto what David said ...

Lovely pictures!

Found your blog through a google search.

Stopped there bout a month ago...the coffee was excellent! Way better than the sovereign location...was pleasantly surprised!

This place looks cozy. And I love the blue mugs.

You definitely should David!

Road trip Tanisha?

Thx Jimbo

Thanks Leigh Lopez! Hope you continue to visit :)

Kara I totally agree with you!

Diedra it certainly is. Makes having a cup of coffee a great experience.

Thx Leon