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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Strawberry Hill Explored

The View of Kingston from the Poolside at Strawberry Hill
If someone should ask me to tell them of a place with lush beauty and a breathtaking view of the mountains and of a distant city, only one place would come to mind, Strawberry Hill Hotel and Spa. Strawberry Hill Hotel and Spa is nestled in the beautiful and lush mountain range called the Blue Mountains, dubbed by that name due to it's blue appearance when viewed from a distance. This unique location offers a breathtaking view of the majestic blue mountains on one side but also a splendid view of the the entire city of Kingston and St. Andrew below. This wonderful view that Strawberry Hill offers, gives a gentle reminder of the modern city life that rests below it's feet yet it shows how far removed you are in the mountains experiencing peace and tranquility.

Breathtaking view of the Blue Mountains
An amazing view is not all that Strawberry Hill Hotel and Spa has to offer. The hotel boasts a rustic, yet refined appeal with its nicely constructed wooden buildings. The old Georgian architecture complements the remote and scenic location an both blend well to create the atmosphere of Strawberry hill. It's the kind of environment that takes you back in time and gives you that real sense of being tucked away in a rural cabin far away from the anxieties of the modern world. Each cabin and even the main building are all build with balconies that boast views that are nothing short of wonderful and relaxing. But Strawberry Hill is by no means cut off from the conveniences of modern life as it offers visitors the means to stay connected to the outside world with cable television and wifi high speed internet for those who just have to stay connected. Another amenity that this hotel offeres, is one of its trademarks, the gorgeous infinity pool that overlooks the entire city of Kingston and St. Andrew that sits below the edge of the pool. Now apart from getting a massage to calming music and  relaxing aromatic scents in a relaxing atmosphere, chilling in an infinity pool in the mountains overlooking the city way below is the next best thing!

Famous Strawberry Hill infinity pool overlooking Kingston
No hotel or resort would be complete without what all of us crave, delicious and appealing meals that tantalize our tastebuds. Strawberry Hill Hotel and Spa offers a variety of such tastebud seducers that are a mix of local, international and dishes fused from the two. From chef prepared and appealingly plated meals to mouth watering morsels fresh from the smoke on the grill, the hotel offers a range of dishes to supply the hungry guests with tasty meals to satisfy their cravings.

Culinary delights served at Strawberry Hill
The view of Kingston from Strawberry Hill at dusk
Old Georgian architecture of the buildings on the property
The relaxing view from one of the many balconies at Strawberry Hill
Strawberry Hill is just what the doctor ordered if you are in need of rest and relaxation in a calming, peaceful atmosphere or if you are looking for that wonderful serene location to celebrate your nuptials with your family and friends. Scenic views, an old time Jamaica charm, relaxing atmosphere and good food, all that is needed to make you appreciate life a little more.

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