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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Voicemail Member O'Neil Has Died

In the midst of a higher death toll of forty four (44) civilians, released by the Public Defender this morning, Jamaica has learned about yest another death. O'Neil Edwards of the locally popular group Voicemail, after a long battle for his life, succumbed to his wounds this afternoon.

It was reported that Edwards was ambushed and shot repeatedly, at least five (5) times, as he attempted to open his gate after returning home about 1:00am on May 10, 2010. He was discovered by neighbours and was rushed to the hospital where he has since been battling for his life. Since the incident, several local entertainers and fans help a public prayer vigil in Half Way tree to show their support for O'Neil and in hopes of some kind of recovery.

The attack on O'Neil, a popular entertainer, certainly shook many members of the music fraternity as well as fans  and violently demponstrated the far reaching grasps of criminality in our society. The grief will go even further, now that he has passed. Our entertainment industry has lost one of its prominent talents. The group Voicemail will never be the same, his family and friends as well as countless fans will no doubt see and feel the loss. Condolences to his family and friends.

Here are a few videos of the popular songs from the group:


5 commented:

Sorry to hear much senseless violence..sigh. Love the wacky dip

i am writing this with tears in my eyes and heart it is just sad.i am praying for ur soul and peace be with u Oneil and God be with u and ur family.

This was shocking news to me. I hope the music fraternity really celebrate his life. Hope the other members of his group are keeping up

It is sooo sad ... and he leaves behind a new born daughter I believe. Young promising artist, not promoting violence, guns and slackness, really gone too soon. The industry needs more artistes like Voicemail and Oneil. RIP Oneil. I hope the other perpetrators will be brought to justice or meet the same fate.

may ur soul rest in peace,i'm prayin that God will continue 2 protectn guide the others,n that they will continue 2 keep the mail flowing,may God b with ur fam n peeps,God bless!