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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Emergency! Kingston on Lock Down!

A road to Tivoli Gardens. Photo by David Madden

Immediately after the standoff between the Jamaica Government and the United States Government over the extradition of Christopher "Dudus" Coke ended, another standoff begun between the security forces and the determined supporters of the West Kingston area leader Dudus. After mounting pressure by the United States government, its justice department, and local bodies Bruce Golding on Monday bowed to the pressure and ordered the signing of the extradition order for the alleged drug kingpin Dudus. This immediately triggered an automatic defense move by Dudus loyals in the Tivoli community who mounter roadblocks cutting off entrances to the community and causing an early shutdown of businesses in the Kingston metropolitan area. However, that was juts the beginning of things to come!

The tension continued to grow as a arrest warrant was issued for Dudus and the security forces as well as countless Dudus supporters geared up for the arrest of the infamous area don. A precursor to the events that were about to unfold was seen when  a large contingent of women dressed in white marched as far as Gordon House in protest of the extradition and arrest order that was issued. The protesting Dudus supporters chanted that Dudus should be left alone as he is the provider and protector of the Tivoli Gardens and some adjoining communities. Some went as far as saying, "Jesus died for us, so we will die for Dudus". But things were still set to only get worse.

Tivoli Gardens, Kingston Jamaica. Photo by David Madden

The tense moment here in the city of Kingston and St. Andrew has grown even more over the past week and is at its worse so far. The Gleaner reported has reported that today, shots have been fired in the Tivoli community, a police officer in the Hannah Town community has been shot and injured and the Hannah Town police station has been attacked and set ablaze forcing the security forces there to abandon the building. These events and the increasing tension has resulted in the issue of a State of Emergency being called for the city of Kingston and St. Andrew, commencing at 6:00pm this evening! As the pursuit of the wanted Christopher "Dudus" Coke intensifies, the tension and resulting seemingly inevitable civil unrest and bloodshed seems more of a reality. As I type this post I can even hear the sounds of helicopters flying in the distance, a surreal confirmation of the reality gripping this city, this country.

Tivoli Gardens, Kingston Jamaica. Photo by David Madden

I hope this issue is resolved quickly with minimal blood, or miraculously no bloodshed. This country is already in a critical state and the instability and overseas perception arising from this situation will only further serve to plunge us into even deeper into our unfortunate predicament. In the mean time I will continue to follow the situation on the news and try to stay in the relative safety of my residence.

4 commented:

government really was between a rock and hard place on this issue. Dont extradite and the US mashes down on you, extradite and the people up in rebellion. hope it all gets resolved soon

Can't we just start over? Do things differently? That should be an option.

whats happening now man? hope you are ok.

blasphemy! If Jesus died for them, why wouldn't they live for him?

Hope you are well and safe.