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Friday, May 07, 2010

My Photos Are In China!

Photo: Jamaica Trade and Invest (JTI) Click on the photo to enlarge.

In a recent post I mentioned that some of my photos were selected to be in the Jamaica Trade and Invest (JTI) photo collage at the World Trade Expo in Shanghai China. Well I finally got a photo of the collage that is currently being displayed for six months in China. I only see about four of the photos (circled in red) that I submitted, but it was good to know that my work has made the international scene. Also it is good to know that my work could be used to promote Jamaica. That's all I will really gain from it, as well as some form of credits for my work and some measure of recognition... I guess, since I am not getting paid for it.

However I was upset to see that they spelled my name incorrectly on the credits! I mean I know my name is unusual, but in a case like this you would think the organizers would ensure they have the correct spelling for the photographer's name! Also I notice, I may be wrong, but they credited someone else with a photo that appears to be mine (see photo with '?'). So my moment of photographic achievement has been marred by the oversight of these people who were in charge of putting together this collage. i expressed my disappointment to the contact person at JTI, who apologized and said she would see what can be done to rectify the situation, but I highly doubt anything can be done at this stage.

Now with this down, I am concentrating on the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Festival Photography competition. I don't have any photos so far that I can consider a winner. However, the deadline is May 14, 2010 so I kinda have a little time. If I can't come up with a winning photo by near the deadline I will have to work with one in my catalogue and hope it will impress the judges. But I really do want to enter this year as I have never entered before and I want to exposure, recognition and of course some money! So hopefully I can submit a photo that the judges will like and select as winning photo.

Hey I just got an idea! (literally) Maybe you can help me select a photo, just in case I cannot come up with a winning concept! OK, here we go, just run through m photos on my flickr page at and tell me which photo you think is a winning photo. Looking forward to seeing your choices!

4 commented:

Congrats, sorry that they misspelled your name though. Surprised they spelled mine correctly for a change since people insist mine must be with an 'S'

You go get em Stunner..JCDC Big up
:0) Neva know seh a suh yuh large..China....and just the other day you were so down...that's the way to use the talent the Lord gave you. All the best.

It's free advertisement for you, don't say you haven't gained anything much from it. You might be able to sell after this.

Insist that they correct the misspelling.

On an ad for A. R. Rahman performing in America, the silly people [Indians...from India... living in America], wrote his name on t.v. as A. R. REhman and pronounced it wrong too. One of the most famous musicians in India and his own countrymen couldn't get his name right!

Gwan Stunner..knock em dead