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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tivoli Aftermath - A Short Recap

Some semblance of normality has returned to the majority of Kingston today, some four days into the joint military police operation in Tivoli Gardens. The official death toll given by the Jamaica Constabulary Force has risen from 44 to a shocking 73 by this morning. Even though for the most part the bullets have stopped flying, those remaining alive in Tivoli Gardens are still experiencing a measure of restriction as the police and military are still occupying the community.

The media was finally allowed to enter Tivoli Gardens today on a restricted tour of the community as they were only allowed to visit certain areas and film only designated portions of the infamous Dudus stronghold. The walls of the buildings told the tales of the gun battle that engulfed the community. The voices of the residents was filled with anger, some with sorrow and some with desperation. However, amidst of all this, the wanted Christopher "Dudus" Coke has still not been captured as confirmed by the police and the Minister of Information. So the search continues and even produced an early morning operation in the upscale neighbourhood of Kirkland Heights resulting in the death of one man.

However, despite the relative calm and appearance of normalcy, the incidents of the past few days which brought the city to a stand still remains on the minds of the entire Jamaica. A somewhat tense air hovers over the city despite the well anticipated rain that has descended on the parch earth of the city. Already 11 wanted men turned themselves  in within 24 hours of the police publishing a wanted list, but hopefully more good comes out of this tragic incident.


7 commented:

saw some picture of the dead bodies piled up in a heap over May Pen cemetery, really sad times for Jamaica

crazy crazy crazy so many dead and they aint even catch the man yet

This is the land of my birth, this is the land of my birth, sweet sweet Jamaica, my Jamaica, the land of my birth.

We need our country back, sad that so many lives have been lost, but we can't continue to live like this.

Bwoy, its sad so many died, but its full time we tek it to the gunmen dem! Dem too bright!

Very very sad but the rest of the caribbean should take note as well.Too many leaders are being associated with drugs and the like.desperate times these

So many wanted men turning themselves in, yet we can't seem to hear charges filed against them. This is problematic in so many ways.