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Thursday, March 04, 2010

No JPS! NO!!!

No, is exactly what the Office of Utility Regulations (OUR) told the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) when they attempted once again to extort money from the Jamaican public. Once again JPS attempted a brazen attempt of high way robbery when it applied to the OUR for it's latest increase in its utility charges. The JPS applied for an increase to recover over four billion dollars from it's already burdened customers!

According to The Jamaica Gleaner, the JPS proposed that its customers pay a $4.2 billion dollars over a two year period by adding 6.75  cents per kilowatt hour to their existing high charges. This $4.2 billion dollars is not to improve it's service to customers or to make them more efficient, but to recover money payed out to its employees in a reclassification exercise that was completed in 2002. Now if this is not an outright plot of the JPS to rob Jamaican people I don't know what else is! Can you believe the audacity of this company to come up with a scheme like this, after the stunt they pulled off with the hurricane Ivan and Dean rip off and their recent rate increase?

Fortunately, the OUR  had the balls this time to tell them no, sparing the Jamaican consumers from outright robbery! The Jamaica Gleaner, reports that the OUR said that "the company's claim did not qualify under the z-factor provision, since the costs incurred were as a consequence of managerial decisions, as the JPS had agreed with the labour unions in 2000 to embark on the reclassification exercise." So JPS want us, the consumer, to pay for a management decision made between it, it's employees and their unions, next thing the will want to request a special increase for bonuses to their execs. Thank you OUR for standing up for the Jamaican consumers by telling the JPS no to their latest attempt of robbery! How is it that JPS is always plotting ways to extort more and more money from its customers? How come JPS? How come?


5 commented:

Great post.

I like your style of writing.

We as Jamaicans need to stand up more for our rights, even if it means starting a revolution, rights are rights. Its a good thing that OUR exists.

Stunner, less is more!
Jamaicans have always done more with less. Let JPS give it a try!

Lol...loved the "How Come" twist Stunner.

Everyday the bucket go well one day the bottom a guh drop out...this was that day for the JPS...Kudos to the OUR for once they were on our side

Sam: Thank you! Yes we do need to start standing up for our rights instead of sit and grumble as we watch our rights get trampled.

GC: Are you serious?! You sure JPS parent company isn't your employer! Less money is definitely not more! My lightbill is currently on ave $5000, I can't afford to pay more! And like myself, a lot of Jamaicans are unemployed.

Emanicipated?: I am so happy OUR took our side this time!

no Stunner, you misunderstand. JPS needs to try what their customers have been forced to do all these years. . . conserve, be efficient, find alternatives when the funds are scarce!