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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Roadside Seaside Baptism

A Revivalist baptism on the seaside along the main road in Boundbrook Port Antonio

It can be said that Baptism is a public declaration that one has repented of his sins and has made a decision to leave worldly things behind. Such a declaration could be no more public than the baptism I witnessed upon entering the town of Port Antonio!

 It was about 7:30 am when I was driving into the town of Port Antonio just near the new Court House located in the Boundbrook area when I spotted a crowd of people some of which were clothed in brilliant white! They were decked in long white gowns from neck to toes and heads wrapped brightly coloured turbans. Two huge flags with a white cross in the centre, one red and one blue could be seen being waved from side to side in a constant rhythm. I slowed down to see what this spectacle could be and noticed it was a Revivalist baptism in full progress right on the seaside along the main road into Port Antonio.

Not wanting to interfere or disrupt this religious ceremony I stopped a little way down to take a few photos. But even from the distance I could hear the chorus of Revivalist hymns being chanted as one by one new converts went from the congregation on the black sand of the beach to be baptised in the sea.

It was certainly a spectacle to see, a roadside seaside Revivalist baptism and a piece of Jamaican culture rarely seen in full view of passing motorists.

7 commented:

Is it such a rare sight though?? I kinda think baptisms are pretty regular occurrences... maybe not in full view of motorist, but still...

it's just a poignant picture if you symbolize the road and the water. . .no turning back Praise the Lord!

Yow Sir Stunner....I know that stretch of road into Portie well.

BTW, someone told me you were involved in a photoshoot at Frenchman's Cove two weekends ago....I was there and saw the shoot a gwaan...perhaps it was the wonderful female company I had with me that made me not recognize you still....

BTW...a Dr. D. dis

And you didn't feel the urge to repent? Shame on you:)

I agree with Ruthibelle, I've seen them all bout, at hellshire on a Sunday, at Casleton on a Saturday, they are practically everywhere.

@Ruthibelle: For me it is, rare to see it along a major roadway.

@GC: Never looked at it that way, interesting!

Dr. D: Yeah man I was there doing the shoot! LOL! Yup, that's how it goes when you are in the company of a lovely female, everything else just seem to disappear.

@Abeni: LOL!

@Tami: Never seen one along a main road before.

@ESTEBAN: Thanks!