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Monday, September 28, 2009

Everybody Going with the Flow?

The line at Flow's Pavilion Office in Half Way Tree

I received my LIME bill and realized that it had doubled since my last bill and I have not increases my usage nor have I added any new service! How could have my bill doubled just like that? Then I remembered that i no longer have the concession LIME staff normally enjoyed and as such I am now just a regular paying customer. With my unemployed status in mind and this sudden increase in my bill I have decided to go with the Flow in a bid to save money via their bundled service as well as their promotion that they are currently having. I called Flow and spoke to a nice agent who gave me the prices and was more than willing to sign me up. However, I wanted to go to the store to ensure there was no trick and to do my subscription there for their services. Big mistake!

So this afternoon I went to the Flow office located at the Pavilion mall. When I parked in the parking lot the security came to hand me the parking ticket, when she paused and asked me which store I was visiting in the mall. So I told her Flow. Without hesitation she said. "Mi nauh guh even badda give yuh nuh ticket cause in deh ram-up". Right then and there disappointment set in as I hate lines and hate waiting! I decided to go there just out of curiosity, maybe she was just exaggerating. I should have listened, as I totally wasted my time and energy walking up to the store. the line was so long that it was all the way outside the store!

I decided, well the New Kingston office should be better, and so I drove down to the New Kingston Office. this again was another waste of time and gas, even though the line was inside, it was like an overgrown anaconda stuffed in a little box! After taking a number as the security reassured me that I should take a number to speak to an agent as the line was for other transactions. i waited over half hour in the store as I watched the number slowly incremented closer to my number, but was still had a long way to go. It seems everybody has opted to switch to flow or had inadvertently become Flow customers!

I think I might create an account via their contact centre tonight and go in early tomorrow and pay for the subscription to their service. If I sign up to Flow, I will be cutting my LIME Internet, Netspeak and maybe the landline, as well as cutting my Logic One cable service to consolidate them to one bill. This would reduce my bill by JM$1000 to JM$2000, and coupled with their promotions I would be saving quite a few thousands for the next three months!

7 commented:

Sounds a good plan for the unemployed:)

good move, I have been a Flow customer from their inception as my cable company was one of the first to be swallowed up. I get phone, super fast internet and problem free cable in a package that works out nicely.

I made some posts about flow on my blog in the early days in 2007

every dollar counts man

Yikes....they need some kiosks in malls...

I guess it's cause they are having a promotion right now. When i signed up in July, i spoke to an agent on the phone, who pretty much did everything right then and there all i had to do was to visit the Flow office,pay for the service and present my ID. It took less than 3 minutes to get that done and in 2 days time i had my phone and net. I'm still without cable, if i get cable again work will suffer.

Hi, I was in that line yesterday. Let me explain about the confusion. 28th of September was a deadline of the monthly payment of FLOW. So that long line was purely for the payment only. I think you could come in to talk with a clerk soon if you wanted to. (smile)

Anyway, FLOW is nice. I could install thier internet service with only one call, and it took only three business days to have it. Even when you have a problem, it will be solved immediately. Welcome to FLOW world!

@Abeni: It's a little better than what I have now.

@Jamaipanese:Yeah I'm hoping to take the package soon.

@Jdid: It certainly does!

@Crankyputz: Or more people need to learn to pay their bills online and on time.

@Tami: I should have done it on the phone, maybe I would have had an earlier installation date!

@Sachi: That explains it! When I went back on Tuesday it was almost empty! Thanks for the visit!