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Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye Strikes Again!

Oh yes you guessed it, Kanye West Does it again! How much further can one man push his head up his ass? Mr, "Conceited", Mr. "I Need Attention" had to make sure he was in the limelight again at the 2009 MTV VMA's. this time he wasn't on the stage to accept an award, but he surely found his unwanted ass on the stage to make an jack-ass of himself.

It was in the middle of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, after she was announced the winner of the Best Female Video, Kanye proceeded to interrupt her by taking the mic from her and announcing that he thinks Beyonce has the best video. No Kanye, the whole world does not revolve around you, not everyone thinks like you and not because you don't agree with something doesn't mean we all want to know what you think! I lost my ratings for Kanye West ever since he started to exhibit his conceited, boastful self-righteous behaviour regularly and now this latest act just shot him down quite a few more notches. Right now he's in negative on my scale!

Don't take my word for it, here is the video. (Update 14/09/09: Had to change the video as Viacom had Youtube remove the original citing copyright issues)

Kanye West you need to pull your head out your ass... that is if it's not too far up and can't come out!

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6 commented:

I don't even know who Taylor Swift is but I feel so bad for her there. It's like Kanye suffers from some form of celebrity Tourettes Syndrome. Why can't he just STFU?

I know Taylor's song, its great. I didn't know who sang it though, and I havent seen the video. Ah nuh nutten, I haven't seen most of the videos, I hardly watch music videos nowadays. Congratulations to Taylor.

Oh, and Kanye West sucks ass. That is all.

kanye is a clown. I like kanye cause he proves it doesn matter where you are from you can still be an ass. Kanye is not the typical ghetto didnt graduate high school type rapper. he was actually in college, his mom was like a teacher, he grow up in a stable home it seems. disproves the theory that all louts and idiots come from broken ghetto homes, you go kanye!

Kanue's behaviour was rude and disrespectful. If were in Taylor Swift's position I would not accept his apology. He has done this kind of foolishness before.

He seems to like acting up at awards.So glad I didn't waste my time watching that.