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Monday, September 07, 2009

Final Destination?

For all those who watched any of the Final Destination sequels you will know why I find a story I recently read in The Gleaner website bit of news all so strange! For those who didn't watch the original or the very predictable sequels, here is the gist of the movies. A group of people consisting of friends and complete strangers miss a horrific death due to the premonition of one of the members. However shortly after "death" comes for each and every one of them one by one no matter how hard they try to avoid it.

Hey speaking of Final Destination, I watched Final Destination IV 3D, I know it was crap, but I just wanted to see the 3D effects. I won't even give a review of that movie. All I'll say the very first Final Destination was absolutely great and they should have just stopped there.

Alas I digressed. Well now that you get the gist of what I am talking about, you will understand why I found this story in The Gleaner very surprising!

Twice unlucky - Cyclist dies after being hit by motor cars

Published: Monday | August 31, 2009

A pedal cyclist died at the Falmouth Hospital from injuries he sustained after being hit by two motor cars along the Falmouth main road in Trelawny on Saturday.

He has been identified as 52-year-old George Sinclair of Hague in the parish.

Reports from the Constabulary Communication Network are that about 7:35 p.m, Sinclair was riding his bicycle along the Falmouth main road in the vicinity of Rock Bridge when he was hit by a Toyota Camry motor car travelling in the opposite direction. The driver of the car exited the vehicle and was assisting the injured man out of the road when he was hit by a second Toyota Camry motor car that was heading towards Falmouth. Sinclair was taken to the Falmouth Hospital where he died while being treated.

Weird isn't it? Can you imagine being hit at the same spot, twice in almost the same instant in time and by the same make and model car! That's some real life Final Destination stuff there!


4 commented:

ouch. not a good way to enter the afterlife

I'm with you there...that must have been destiny..God rest his soul

thats kinda messed up.

for some reason it reminds me of some public service ads against drunk driving we used to have up here. policeman stops these guys thinking they are driving drunk, and from ther nervous manner in the car you figure they are going to get into major trouble and thats the point of the ad. so the policeman gets out the car and goes to their vehicle to talk to them and bram get hit and killed by another car with a drunk driver. spooky!