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Monday, September 21, 2009

Jobless Photographer

It has been one month and 21 days since I have been unemployed and yes I am still a bum! The job market looks barren like a dessert on steroids, some real good links would be like a great shower of much needed rain. Searching The Gleaner for jobs is just a useless waste of my JM$100 and time. Now I have decided to just send out general applications to various companies, while I keep searching for a job. With dwindling funds, I need to find something quick, as the cost of living in Jamaica gets higher with every passing day.

However, despite being pretty worrying, the unemployment status has had a few... very few perks. Apart from getting all the rest and sleep I want, I have had time to experiment more with my photography. I have not been doing the number of photo shoots as I would like to, good models that would work for free are extremely hard to find. almost non-existent. I have had to relay on pouncing on my female friends with camera and umbrella in hand. Nonetheless, I am hoping to do a few shoots to improve my photography and possibly to make a little change from some of the shoots. You can see the latest photos and how much... or how little, I have improved on my photography so far here I want to get out more to take photos, but gas is pretty expensive, so it's a bit hard to convince myself to just drive out and take photos, especially since I am not making back the money from it so far.

So the job hunt continues, and the photo snapping goes on, day by day...

11 commented:

i see you getting lil porn photography experience wid de lizards :-)

in all seriousness though the photos are top notch. best of luck finding both photo shoots and a job.

I am offering myself as a free model to you as well as other photgraphers, if thee be any. Also if needs be i'll be needing a photgrapher for a wedding soon.

I trust you know how to find me.

I had a good laugh imagining you jumping out of a bush and whacking these poor women with an umbrella. I'm sure it's nothing like that.

@Jdid: Well one has to diversify LOL! Thanks, glad you like them.

@Tami: At last a free model! I going link yuh! Hmm, wedding, yuh getting married?

@GC: LOL! I see you have a very active imagination!

wow it's been that long already since you been out of a job, time really flies.

Yup, time is certainly flying bye!

Being unemployed is never easy. Hope you will find something soon.
Would love to do some free shoot. Let me know.

good luck with the job hunting,hope yiu find one soon

u wanna take some pics of the belly? FREE of course :)

Will model for free but one problem I in Vincyland and you all the way in JA:)

Chin up, in the meantime we are all appreciating the new dedication to the blog.