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Friday, July 23, 2010

JTB Bloggers Linkup: The Finale

Wow, it seems as if it was just yesterday I was enjoying the luxuries of Secrets Wild Orchid and thinking about which of its restaurants I should have dinner! But time certainly flies when you are having fun as that was a whole week ago. Alas, all I can do now is just reminisce on the time I spend at the resort and mi fun filled weekend on the north coast of Jamaica. So now let me do a flashback to the last two days of the trip.

I would like to refer to Sunday as the winding down day, after all the excitement of Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It was the first day I could fully enjoy the plush bed in my room at Secrets Wild Orchid, yes I could sleep late as there were no activities planned for that day. It was also the day where I could really indulge in what the facilities had to offer. So after reluctantly pulling myself out of the very comfortable bed I started off the day with a hearty breakfast. However, I detoured from my normal omelet route and went straight for the Jamaican breakfast. I was certainly not disappointed with the ackee and saltfish, steamed callaloo, and fried dumplings as they had a Jamaican flavour to them! Yes I could feel and taste the lovely sensation and flavour of scotch bonnet pepper in the callaloo; the food did have the taste a true Jamaican cooking. Something surprising for a north coast resort!

The beach at Secrets Resorts
After breakfast I decided I would see what the beach at Secrets Wild Orchid was like as it did look quite inviting. Unfortunately though, my time in the warm Caribbean Sea was cut short by ominous clouds that threatened with lightning. Nevertheless, I did enjoy my five minutes on the lovely beach at the resort as I managed to swim and dive a little before being chased out of the water by the inclement weather. As a result I did not get the chance to try out the water crafts that the resort has. I retreated to the safety of the lobby where a few other bloggers where hanging out at the bar and after enjoying a tall Dirty Banana I ventured out once again as the weather seemed to have tamed itself a bit. I spent a few hours chilling the pool then had some delicious lunch, jerk chicken pizza. I then heard the call of the bed in my room, which of course I heeded.

Jerk chicken pizza

After a short nap it was time to check out that beautiful spa I toured on Friday morning. This was my first time sampling a spa, so I was looking forward to what it had to offer. My scheduled spa treatment started out with 10 minutes in the steam room, which took some getting used to! Both the heat and the steam made breathing difficult for me at first, but after getting accustomed to it I relaxed and let the sweat flow in the heat. But if I thought I was sweating in the steam room I was wrong as the sauna made the steam room look like a walk in the park! I sweat like I have never sweat before, as sweat poured from me like the Niagara Falls on crack! I could feel my pours open to release the toxins. Next it was off the the water treatments which consisted of hot and could showers, relaxing massages from jets in two different hot pools. This was then finished off with a dip in ice cold water and a walk through a shallow hot and cold water pools. After the treatment my skin was feeling tingly clean and refreshed while my body was beaming from the relaxing massage of the water. By the time the spa treatment was done I was running late for the final dinner as I had lost all concept in time while pampering my body!

Aesthetics of the spa

The sauna

The water treatment pool

The hot tub
Dinner was hosted at the Seawind Beach Club, which is a part of the Secrets Resorts, but is open to the public and not restricted to guests of the two resorts. The restaurant sported a warm inviting colour, high roof and had a open air design to allow the natural breeze to flow through. However, the beach club is more than a restaurant as it had a pool, a beach and several tent style gazebos which were illuminated with coloured lights. A nice environment to have a relaxing dinner with friends. After, a wonderful dinner the live band that serenaded the guests upped the tempo and it was party time! The guests danced to the live music while some guests had to jump in the pool to cool down after dancing up a storm. It was a nice way to bring down the curtain on a lovely, fun trip.

Seawind Beach Club
Bloggers dancing to the music of the live band
The following morning was time to get ready to leave and after breakfast we bid farewell to the wonderful Secrets Resorts Wild Orchid and the many activities the Jamaica north coast had to offer.

5 commented:

Why couldn't this be life forever

WHY? WHY? WHHHHYYYYYY? I want to go back!!!!

Am jealous all we have is cloudy skies and African winter. Time to revive the holiday account. Glad you had fun though.

Everything looks so beautiful I can hardly stand it. . . If I get some cash together to visit Jamaica I HAVE to stay at Secrets

@Gish: Hush sweetie. Revive that account and head to Jamaica!

@GC: It is beautiful and it's a brand new resort so it will look even better in a few months. You and hubby should stay there you guys will love it!