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Sunday, July 04, 2010

A Photo Trip to St. Mary

Cool Blue Hole St. Mary

Last week Sunday I went on yet another of my monthly photograph trips which took me to the garden parish of St. Mary. The LOP/JWI Flickr Group trip explored just two locations in the parish, Cool Blue Hole and Rio Nuevo.

Large water pipe at Cool Blue Hole (This portion is reportedly wood)

The first stop of the trip was a small water fall with a very deep hole at its base, called Cool Blue Hole. The journey to the falls was really off the beaten path as the road leading to this little known attraction was barely wide enough to hole th bus that we were in, but after a few minutes a s bumpy ride we arrived at the location. Before reaching the river though, we encountered a strange looking, yet huge water pipe, which I heard was partially made from wood, reinforced by metal braces. A close look at the pipe did look almost like it was wood, but I didn't venture too close as I saw a small fountain of water spewing from the side of the pipe.

One of the models on the trip shot at Cool Blue Hole

How to Photograph Absolutely Everything: Successful Pictures From Your Digital CameraOn approach of Cool Blue Hole, I could see why it was called by that name! At the base of the falls there was a pool of water with a deep turquoise colour, a signal of not just pristine beauty, but of depth! The water was nice and cool, even though it was only my feet that felt the pleasure of it's caress since I declined to swim in the deep section. I however spent my time there capturing its beauty as well as the beauties that went into the water for their photo closeups! A sudden downpour came from the skies which forced everyone to scramble to the shelter of the bus and with that we were on our way again.

Rio Nuevo St. Mary

After leaving Cool Blue Hole, the next stop was where Rio Nuevo emptied its contents into the treacherous sea. An treacherous the sea was, as we were advised that there should be no swimming in the sea as it churned with very strong currents. But one look at the rough dark waters was enough to deter even the most adventurous of us. Despite the mean looking skies and the intermittent light rain which tried to call our bluff, we spent the rest of the day shooting the abundance of models that we had on our trip against the sceneic backdrop of the area. Time certainly flies when you are having fun, because before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head back home to Kingston.

Another model on the trip shot at Rio Nuevo

On our way back home, we stopped at one of our usual food stops, Lyming, in the hills of Walker's Wood to refuel, refresh and relieve ourselves. I had myself some jerk chicken and festival while a few other photographers on the trip participated in the live entertainment. After that final stop, it was time to head home, the end of yet another trip of not only photography, but good times, great socializing and the exploration on my country, Jamaica.

See more photos on my flickr stream:

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awesome recap. My post is drafted up and will go live on Tuesday

my home parish!
But it's been too too long. . .

@Jamaipanese: Thank! Nice post and photos.

@GC: It seems the areas were actually in St. Mary... I was corrected not too long ago, lol. But you need to make a visit to Jamaica!

I am trying to visit Cool Blue Hole. Can you tell me where it is exactly please? My email is