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Thursday, July 08, 2010

World Cup 2010, Who Will Claim Victory?

A great Disappointment occurred today, yes Germany failed miserably and went down 1 - 0 to worthy opponents Spain. However, as expressed in my previous post I was supporting Germany and as such was hoping they would have beat Spain and moved on to conquer the Netherlands team. this was not to be though, as the German team went down, and not even with much of a good fight as far as I see it. They played a lousy game, even though Spain only managed to pull of one goal for the victory. But if you watched the game today, the Spain team more than dominated the German half, the practically played the entire game there! There were only a few, no scarce moments when the German team managed to get the ball over the centre line! Nevertheless, The German team, despite being a young team, did make it a as far as the semi-finals, which even though disappointing, is a very good achievement for them.

The stage is now set for the finals, yes the grand finale of the 2010 World Cup, with Spain and the Netherlands poised to do battle for the football glory! Spain the reigning European champions have been pitched against the 'upsetter' of the World Cup, the Netherlands. Both teams have fought their way to the top and both have their minds set on achieving ultimate victory in the world of football. This World Cup finals is a momentous one for both team as whichever team wins, it will be the first for that team to ever win the World Cup since its inception in 1930. So both teams must have a hunger for victory, as they both have the potential to create history in the World Cup and also for their countries.

With so much at stake, who will win, yes who will be victorious? Here is your chance to predict the outcome of this epic battle in the making. Who do you feel will win the 2010 World Cup? And what will the final score be when the dust settles?

Update: Spain beat Netherlands 1 - 0. Congratulations Spain

4 commented:

As you can see, ( ) from before the World Cup started, I have said I wanted a newbie to win the Cup. As we now know, this is exactly what is going to happen. Whichever team wins, I get my wish. That said, I want Spain to win the Cup.

I too supported Germany and was very disappointed when they lost against Spain, In a perfect world I would prefer a Ghana vs Germany final. I still can't believe they got knocked out by Spain. They played so well during the games.
For the finals Netherlands have played surprisingly well also. I am hoping for a clear victory for them come Sunday, then again I want to hear what Paul says first after all Paul knows best and have predicted correctly thus far-the octopus.
I never eaten octopus before but if he predicts wrong I think they should make delicious meal out of him but ask him to predict what kind of sauce the chef will use

Trust me I weak
I would like to see a #ned win

Word to the wise-I always choose the wrong teams