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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Germany or Spain, Which Team For World Cup Finals?

In just a few hours, one of the biggest match in the 2010 World Cup will be facing off in the final semi-final for a change to play the finals qualifier, the Netherlands team. This game will see the European champions Spain face off with the strong German team to get to the final stage of the World Cup.

I have been supporting both Brazil and Germany for this World Cup and now with Brazil being sent home in a major upset, my only hope is now in Germany. However, it will not be a easy victory for Germany as their opponent Spain is a very strong team. However, despite the absence of one of their star players Thomas Muller, I am still backing Germany and I predict a 2-1 victory against Spain!

I know there are a lot of German and Spain fans out there, so let me know which team you think will win the anticipated semi-final and what the score will be!!!

Disappointing Update: Spain beat Germany 1 - 0.

3 commented:

I know many people are bring Spain - they are a great team. However, I like the German team-they are young and they play smart football.

Whoever wins, the game will be entertaining. :)

@ Corve DaCosta: Man I am disappointed, I think Germany played a lousy game today. Spain is indeed a good team and they maintained possession throughout the game today. The finals will indeed be interesting.

Yeh yeh whatever but people were scared days n days before the match against Germans... ye I hope finally would be interesting :)