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Friday, June 25, 2010

Remembering The King of Pop!

Wow! It always amazes my how quickly time goes by! Today June 25, 2010 marks exactly one tear since the man hailed as The King of Pop, Michael Jackson died! It seems as if it was just yesterday I heard the shocking news and still in disbelief I hesitantly posted my post "Michael Jackson Dead!!!" Yes, it was one year ago the world received the shocking news that an icon in the world of music, the man whose music has thrilled so many generations both young and old dies under questionable circumstances.

June 25, 2009, will always be remembered as the day music suffered one of its greatest loss, that of the innovative and creative Micheal Jackson. The shock of his deal was compounded by the fact that Michael was in  preparing to host a massive tour, "This is It", which was hailed to be his major comeback from his hiatus from the music scene. No doubt his fans suffered from a pungent mixture of shock, disappointment, anger and the very evident outpouring of grief.

Michael Jackson did have his low points, which as with any mega superstar, was dished out by the media in an abundance. Michael was rocked with scandals after scandals, law suites, the scourge of the media, outrage from some of his fans, financial difficulties and was often the subject of many jokes. Nevertheless, Michael Jackson will be remembered as one of, if not, the greatest performer and singer that has walked the face of the earth and will always be the King of Pop!

In honour of this awesome artiste, here is a tribute, which ironically was done by the man himself

Here are a few of his hits from back in the days for your viewing and listening pleasure

What are your Michael Jackson favorites?

2 commented:

I love MJ!

At least now his dreams of being forever young would have come true as he stopped aging.

Quite an unusual way of looking at not aging, lol!