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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Not Good Enough...

I guess that's what the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) thought about the photos I entered into this year JCDC Festival Photography Competition. I submitted two framed photographs (see the photos below) for the competition a few months ago with the hopes that they would get some form of medal in this year competition or at least a certificate of participation. However, this was not meant to be as I received a call tis morning from the JCDC office that my images were not selected for the competition and that I should come and collect them as soon as possible.

I must admit, the news was disappointing... even though I knew there was the possibility that they wouldn't have medaled in this year's competition. I did get quite a few compliments and nods of approval for the images that I submitted from fellow photographers, friends and even the framer... but it seems they still did not match up to the standards of the JCDC judges. I spoke to another fellow photographer though, who has entered on previous occasions, who gave me a disappointing review of the images I submitted. However, I didn't get in contact with him until after I had already submitted the images. Nevertheless, I guess that kind of prepared me for the disappointing news and I did appreciate his honesty and thoughts.

So tomorrow, I plan to head down to the JCDC to tell them a piece of my mind!... LMAO, nah, I'm just kidding! I plan to go down to the JCDC office tomorrow to collect my two framed photos and count my losses. I think my pocket feels more hurt than my pride, as it did cost me a decent amount to get the photo printed and framed in order to enter this competition. I will be putting up this images for sale or auction... whichever, will help to recover the cost of this futile investment. I will divulge more information on the sale shortly in another post. Well, one good thing came out of this though, I finally entered the competition! This was my first year entering, and will be my only considering the costs involved, as I have always wanted to enter this competition for some time now. Nevertheless, this serves as more motivation to be more creative in my photography to ensure my images impresses the eye, stirs the emotions and have that "wow" factor.

Circling (view larger)

Lonesome Fiddler (View Larger)

11 commented:

Hmph - go TRY tell JCDC a piece of your mind nuh! The bureaucracy alone would deter you!

But never mind them, I think you're a great photographer ... I saw the tweetup pics - they were awesome :)

Well you can be proud that the photos look good. I love the first one in particular -very interesting.

When one door closes a bigger door is waiting for you. Keep pushing them.

nothing tried nothing done. I would not have put them in a frame though, cause I know how those competitions are; probably some old people looking for walking on the beach photos.

good try, pal. I still haven't entered. Still great entries.

lol @ Owen
I like number one a LOT

These shots are amazing! JCDC so boring with them exhausted thinking. Their loss.

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This comment has been removed by the author.
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Stunner, I know how you feel. I have the same experience.
Then, that experience made me different. Continue to enter the competition, expose your works to public view and create more till we get own style. Good luck to raaas.

o im curious to hear what ur friend said as i think number one especially is great....but i guess to us non-photographers it doesnt take as much to impress us