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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stunner Does Roaring River & Mayfield Falls

Roaring River Westmoreland

On Sunday it was time for the monthly Jamaica West Indies/Lover's of Photography Flickr group trip. Earlier in the week I was looking forward to the trip, but I certainly was not ready in any way or form for the 6:30 am departure time! After preparing and looking forward to the trip all week, how could I not be ready?

Flashback to Saturday night... My neightbour is moving to the US to work and it will be for an extended period, so he and his friends had a send off party to which I was invited. I knew I had the trip in the morning and that I should get some good rest, but a few hours to show my face shouldn't have been too bad right? Wrong! I ended up drinking more than my fair share of alcohol and stayed up way too late for someone who had a trip early the next morning. I had about four cups of Appleton Rum and Pepsi (1/2 cup rum 1/2 cup Pepsi), a glass of wine and a shot of some strong Cuban Rum! As if all the liquor before wasn't bad enough, that shot certainly topped it off, as I felt it clear off all the mucus in my throat and warmed my blood like a heater on steroids! I didn't reach home until 3:00am and I didn't fall asleep until about 4:00am when I disposed of the liquor in my system and my head stopped spinning.

Back to Sunday... The alarm clock went off at 5:30am, but that was of no use as in my daze and total confusion I turned off the alarm and went right back to bed. I didn't get up until about 5:50am when I got a wakeup call from one of my fellow group members who decided to call after several Blackberry messages and pings went unanswered. I staggered out of bed and barely got myself together as everything I was doing seemed to be going in slow motion. If I hadn't payed my money I doubt I would have even bothered to go based on how I felt. I must admit, even though it was a good trip with great photos and social interaction, it was my most miserable trip! I was suffering from all the effects of a hangover, except for the headache, thank God. I was groggy all day and then this was compounded by the severe heat and humidity the day dished out! I sweat like a fat dude in a sauna all day long!

Nevertheless I did manage to survive the day and got quite a few good photos. We went to Roaring River and Caves in Westmoreland and to May Field Falls in the hills of Westmoreland or Hanover. Took only a few scenic photos as during the day is not the best time for such photos and I didn't go on the tour of the falls. However I did get in quite a few portrait shots of the models and other photographers that were there. So here are a few photos from the trip, you can see more on my flickr page.

A tour guide diving in a pool inside the cave.

A view of in the cave

A fellow photographer taking a shot.

Two women and a baby... on a bike!

One of the many portraits I shot on the trip.

I even have a little brawta for you all, no not more photos, but a video, recorded by yours truly, Stunner! Enjoy!

4 commented:

What a blockbuster movie you made there Stunner , the critics are raving and the commentary was just riveting and captivating. I see an Oscar in the making for best foreign film/documentary.

Lol!! Seriously? Treacherous bridge? Dangerous raging waters? Funny stuff Stunner, who knew you were a comedian? You must have been more hungover than you thought and definitely sleep deprived. Thanks for the laughter!

lol gwan my boy.Them directors doh have nutten pon yuh.

Pray, tell me the name of that Cuban rum! It mussi did wicked fa true! Dangerous bridge / raging waters?! LOL! :)