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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Say No to Water Party!

I just had to say something about this, I was going to leave it alone, but i have to say something. I am not bad mouthing or fighting anyones party or means of making that paper, but I just can't support this party. My last post and one some time before were about the harsh conditions that Jamaicans are now facing due to the prolonged drought affecting the island. If you read the posts you will realize that a lot of people in the corporate are have had to do without piped water for the majority of the day, every day of the week and even sometimes do without water for more than a day! But what does all this have to do with me not supporting a party?

Well a it's approaching the climax of the Carnival season here in Jamaica, the final weekend of this Soca filled period of the year. This means three things, Jouvert, the Road March and of course right between those two is the annual Water Party, which is tonight. Now the Water Party is just what the name suggest, a party with music, wining, grinding,  gyrating and of course a whole lot of water! I have been to a Water Party before, last year actually, and it was some good wet fun, and when I say wet I mean wet! There were at least two (2) huge water tankers continuously spraying water from one end of the venue to the other, soaking patrons from head to toe! It was indeed a great party; there is just something about wining to some sweet mixes of Soca and Dancehall when you are wet, your clothes are sticking to your body, skins sliding across each other fully lubricated by endless sprays of water!

But this year, even though I love the Water Party I  can't support it at all, not with this drought, not with these constant water lock-offs that I have to face. In a time like this I can't support the waste of gallons of water being wantonly wasted in the name of fun and partying. Personally I think it should have been cancelled this year based on this crisis that we are facing. I am surprised the authorities actually gave the go ahead for the promoters to have this party... then again I am not surprised, a money run dis ting. This year Water Party is definitely going to miss me... unless they allow me to carry a tank and some buckets in with me or relocate the venue to my apartment so I can catch some water!

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8 commented:

Hmmmmm. Maybe is sea water them going to spray y'all with or y'all just going to get sprinkled. Otherwise don't see how they going to waste precious water like that

LOL! I doubt it will be sea water, that have some serious rust issues.

Yeah, I feel you on this one. I'm not surprised the "authorities" gave permission to have it. These are the things that are just wrong with our country. We have our priorities all wrong and no end in site to the BS ... It's just crazy!

Actually this year they will be using foam because of the current water crisis.

Thanks B!

Yeh Stunner, if you actually saw a poster, you would have seen that it's a "foam edition" of the wata party. I have to give it to the promoters for coming up with this idea, although its not new.

I attended and there was foam even though not enough. There was also some water but it had ice in it which was the water from the bar when the drinks were cold.

It was still a good party, the vibe, the music albeit some acts which were scheduled did not appear.

Don't knack it till you know the truth!

wow. . . people party a lot if they need to add foam to have fun. . .

Thanks B and Tami, I later learned it was indeed transformed into a foam party... however they should have renamed it to Foam Party or explicitly state is was a foam party.

Tami, the poster I saw had no indication of the use of foam... unless this is the wrong poster I looked at. (see the bottom of the post)

The water party is a good to present here.I doubt it will be sea water, that have some serious rust issues.Thanks for share with us.