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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Come Back Mojo! Come Back!

Joel Finnigen Photography

I know it has been a while since I last posted and that my posts have been so far apart, but I am trying to find my Blogging Mojo. It seems I lost my Blogging Mojo and I must find it back! It's not like I have been swamped with work so much that I haven't blogged, but I just can't find that inner blogger, that fire that I used to have, that, that, that Bogging Mojo I used to have. But I will try to get it back and stop lurking in the blogsphere and in the land of tweets.

Apart from that I am here, trying to make it through another day as time goes on. By the grace of God, The Most High I go though each day in my still ongoing unemployed state. Nevertheless, I am still busy with my photography, experimenting (nuff experimenting!!!!) a lot and also doing one and two projects which pays a bill here and there. I have decided to enter the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) Festival 2010 Photography competition. I hope my entry will win, which would translate in a lot of recognition and even some well needed money! I have already received great encouragement as seven of my photographs were selected to be a part of a photography collage. The collage will be displayed at the Jamaica Trade and Invest booth at the World Trade Expo 2010 in Shanghai China. I will not be gaining financially from that, but I would get some exposure as well as it has given me a little more confidence in my work. Now I am currently focusing of getting some great "winning" photos for the JCDC Festival competition as the deadline in just over 2 weeks away. For more of my photos, you can visit my flickr page here and you can join my Facebook group Joel Finnigen Photography. I will begin selling prints in a few weeks time so if you see any you like drop me a link.

The next three days are going to be busy for me as I will be going on a shoot with a great photographer, Courtney Chen, to assist him with a shoot on Saturday. On Sunday it will be the Jamaica West Indies/Lovers Of Photography Flickr trip to some attractions in Westmoreland, looking forward to that! And on Monday I will get to relax and be pampered as I won a day at the spa courtesy of Social Lingua! Yay! Will drop a post on those events in the coming week. Then it's back to some more photography for the rest of the week! So even though I am still unemployed, I still have a lot to be thankful for!!! Hey, who would have thunk (thought) that I would be able to post my own eye candy on my blog!

Wow! I said quite a bit more than I thought I would when I just started writing this post! Could this mean my Blogging Mojo is coming back....

3 commented:

yes,yes it is coming back cos you wrote quite a bit.

Congrats on winning the spa thing even tho mi neva vote.Still you deserve it !

I wish you all the best!!!

Abeni: I hope it does come back and stay. What! you really didn't vote for me! :(

@Tami: Thanks!