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Thursday, April 08, 2010

More Drought... More Water Lock-offs!

The fourth month of 2010 and the never ending drought still persists and so does the harsh measures implemented by the National Water Commission (NWC). As if loosing my supply of piped water at 12:00pm and even 11:00am on some days wasn't enough the evil NWC has devised an even more devious plan of torture! Now I will only be getting water between 5:00am and 11:00am, 12:00pm if I am lucky, every other day! The evil NWC has found an even more spiteful way to prove to Jamaican's that water is life, because they are certainly making our life more miserable with these inconsiderate water lock-offs!

Well, I do understand that the country has been experiencing a severe and extended drought, but having water just a few hours a day, every other day, is a bit too hard to swallow. I have been living out of bottles, bathing, drinking, washing my hands, cooking, brushing my teeth and the list goes on. It is even worse when the toilet can't be flushed more than twice per day... so now you know my pain! I would love a tank, but this dumb ass complex don't have such luxuries, so it's just straight bottle and pan for me. I dread the thought of what will happen if this drought continues another two months! By that time I will be getting water only once per week! Or better yet I may get a "No piped water until further notice" message from NWC!

Once again the shortsightedness of the Jamaican governments and authorities, including dutty NWC, has led to the despair of the Jamaican people. No the government and NWC cannot prevent a drought from hitting the nation. However, with proper planning to ensure the country and capital city has adequate water catchment and storage facilities they would have lessened the harsh effects of this drought. But all that is such wishful thinking with the idiots who have and are still running this country. So the suffering continues as the drought rolls on.

Here is a little video by Ian Lyn (doesn't look Asian to me), which will give you an idea why we are being hit so hard by the drought.

3 commented:

tell me something, has it rained at all?
Well glad to know you are managing somehow even if it means living out of bottles and jars

it's not nice. And what's funny is, water abounds in parishes like Portland, St MAry, St Ann ... have none of the bright sparks in our GOvt yet had the revelation that if they could find a way to efficiently get water from some of these parishes for the drought-stricken areas, we might solve the prob at least temporarily?? KMT

@GC: The rain we have had is nothing to mention as it has only been 10mins light showers, once for the day which are at least 2 weeks apart. Yup bottles and jars have become a regular way of life for me now.

@Ruthibelle: Jamaica has never had a government, just backward, selfish, cheating politicians and authorities.