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Monday, October 22, 2012

F&B DownTown An Oasis In the City

Main dining area at F&B DownTown
Normally when Downtown Kingston is mentioned a few things come to the mind of most Jamaicans: no parking, cheap items, Coronation Market, unsafe environment, derelict buildings to name a few. But little would think of finding fine dining in a relaxing ambiance that gives the feel of dining in contemporary New York City restaurant. F&B DownTown has done just that, brought a wonderful dining experience to the heart of Downtown Kingston. Why would I say that?

The fusion of food and jewellery
Swiss Stores Jamaica Downtown location
F&B Downtown, located at 107 Harbour Street, brings a unique fusion of food and jewellery as it is also the location for Swiss Stores Jamaica Downtown outlet. The owners have managed to seamlessly integrate the two unrelated stores into one pleasing dining and shopping experience. They accomplish this through their open design and high roof which allows both entities to merge without losing the wonderful abience that make dining with friends a pleasure. The location comprises of several sections which included the main dining area, two lounge areas for a more intimate and relaxed feeling, a bar, the jewellery counter and a private conference room for those who want to take the board meeting out of the office. The location also offers such amenities as free WiFi for those who have to remain connected to "the grid"!

Two of the three lounge areas at F&B DownTown
The bar at F&B DownTown
Private conference room
The decor of F&B DownTown is definitely pleasing to the eye and the low soft lighting immediately brings one into a calmer more relaxed atmosphere, a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city just outside it's doors. Black and white photographs from a local photographer that reflects different aspects of Jamaica line the wall along the main dining area while hanging lamps provide that soft moody lighting by the marble counter of the bar. The lounge areas are outfitted with cosy leather couches and dark stain wooden coffee tables which blends well with the soft lighting of the building.

Pesto With Chicken served here with red wine
Alfredo With Jerk Sausage served here with ice tea
Some of what F&B DownTown offers
Now that I have described the ambiance, what about the food? F&B DownTown offers breakfast on week days between the hours of 8:30am and 11:00am and treats patrons to free coffee with the purchase of any of their sandwiches. For lunch the restaurant serves a wide variety of Premium Sandwiches, Gourmet Salads, Soups and Italian Style Pasta on their lunch menu. Being a lover of Italian food I opted to try the Pesto With Chicken with a glass of red wine, while my date for the day tried the Alfredo With Jerk Sausages and iced tea. The dishes were delicious and the ample serving was just right to tame the beast called hunger! The fun doesn't end at lunch for F&B Downtown as they have their version of the after work jam dubbed "Pop The Friday" on Fridays between 4:00pm to 7:00pm where patrons are encourages to "eat, drink, meet and shop" while they enjoy the offerings including freshly made popcorn.

Free WiFi for people like me
Diners enjoying the ambiance at F&B DownTown
F&B DownTown is certainly an oasis in the heart of the city, a refreshing dining experience which represents what Downtown Kingston should really be. It's my vision that Downtown Kingston becomes a centre for rich culture, exquisite dining experiences, a haven for business and services, a magnet for shoppers and a modern metropolis that Jamaican can be proud of. F&B DownTown and Swiss Stores Jamaica has made a step in the right direction and I hope others will follow too. If you are in the Downtown area or just want somewhere different to grab breakfast, have lunch or to just chill with a few friends and have a drink then F&B DownTown is certainly a good bet!

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pretty photos, thumbnails don't do them justice. I need to start working on my CMS.

Thanks Owen, I updated all the post with large images.

Yo, if thats Downtown, props to the owner of the store, well done, looks awesome