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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wyndham Wedding Spectacular

One of the Wedding Cake decorations on display
On Saturday I went to the recently held Wyndham Wedding Spectacular at the Wyndham Hotel in Kingston. I have never been to this wedding expo before and in fact this was the first I was hearing of it. However, I am more familiar with the Jamaica Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza which is normally held a little later in the year. So even though I had an idea of what a wedding expo is all about I wasn't sure of what to expect of this new on. Will it be the same as the Pegasus show?

A model showing off one one the wedding dresses at the expo
The first thing I noticed about the Wyndham Wedding Spectacular was that it was not as large as the one held at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, in fact it seems as small as a half the footprint. However, it had a similar theme, boothes setup throughout the venue featuring wedding photographers, wedding planners, makeup artists, decorators and even a somewhat new phenomenon wedding insurance. One thing that did stick out though as I entered the venue was the impressive Mercedes Benz that was on display in the centre of the wedding show. My, my, my, it certainly made me crave for some German engineering in my life!

One of the sample table decorations on display at the expo
Overall though, despite being a much smaller wedding show than the well known Jamaica Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza, it was pretty decent. It allowed me to get a feel of what's out there in the wedding business, in particular, wedding photography, a filed that I am very much a part of. I got to see what some of my competitors are offering and also helped me to network with a few potential allies in the wedding business. Hopefully it will grow and like the Pegasus' wedding show, give businesses an opportunity to display their products and services to potential clients who are considering making that big step in their lives. I did not go with the intention to take photographs per say, but I still walked with my camera... as all true photographers do... and took a few photographs to share. You can view the album on my facebook page in the album titles Wyndham Wedding Spectacular.

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nice shots Stunner. . . opportunities to network can be had at occasions of any size

Thanks Diedra B, indeed these events are indeed great places to network.

Stunna, you are doing Wedding Photography these days?