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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Did the Jamaica Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza

Victoria Mutual Building Society representatives pose for a photo at their booth
This past weekend the Jamaica Pegasus, a hotel that can be dubbed Kingston's most socially active hotel, hosted yet another event, the annual Jamaica Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza! This is a large wedding expo that is held at the Jamaica Pegasus and features several companies, both large and small, that offers wedding services to those who are ready to make that step into holy matrimony. In these harsh economic climate planning a wedding, an already expensive en devour, proves to be even more challenging. With this in mind several potential couples as well as curious members of the public, even as far as from Montego Bay, made their way to the expo to see what is being offered to make that special day even more memorable.

A Jamaica Wedding Photos representative showing off one of their wedding albums
The groom getting a hair cut courtesy of Soft Sheen Carson just before his wedding ceremony
Several companies were present at the Jamaica Pegasus to show off what they had to offer and to entice prospective clients with their services. The list of services spanned all aspects of the nuptials including but not limited to, wedding apparel, jewelry, wedding planning, wedding photography, wedding venues, decorators, makeup artists, gifts and certificates and even wedding insurance! Both large and small businesses were on show at the expo Victoria Mutual, Courts, hotels such as Sandals and Grand Palladium Jamaica and smaller companies such as Jamaica Wedding Photos, Creative Decorations and Slice of Heaven just to name a few. However, one innovative small company that caught my attention was The Photo Affair, which offers a customizable photo booth for events where patrons can go into and take mini photos of themselves. If marketed properly it could be a very successful venture for parties and even weddings.

Makeup demonstration being done by one of the exhibitors
A patron getting infoon the services of one of the exhibitors
Representatives of the Photo Affair poses in front of the photo booth
My photos that I took inside the photo booth
The expo spanned two days, Saturday and Sunday, each having its own programme lineup. On Saturday the patrons were able to witness a real wedding ceremony in the heart of the expo. Both days however, were highlighted by fashion shows that featured the collections of several designers. The audience was also treated to live entertainment by the very talented performing arts group Nexus which thoroughly entertained the masses at the show. Both days saw patrons winning several giveaways and gifts from the Jamaica Pegasus as well as from several of the companies that were a part of the Wedding Extravaganza.
Wedding ceremony being held at the expo
Nexus in performance
Wedding fashion show
Wedding fashion show
Wedding fashion show
In all the Jamaica Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza proved to be very informative and entertaining. So much so that I abandoned my original plan of going only for a few hours one day and went both days. Of course, I wouldn't go to such a large event and not take some photos! You may view the photos I took at the event on my facebook fan page in the albums Jamaica Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza Day 1 and Jamaica Pegasus Wedding Extravaganza Day 2. Overall, I did enjoy the wedding expo as I learned about many companies in the wedding business, met up with old friends, hung out with fellow photographers and tweeps and of course did a bit of networking. Keep up the good work Jamaica Pegasus!

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Hey Stunner this is unrelated to your Wedding pictures extravaganza, but I was just reading an article in today's Gleaner entitled... "Journey through the Lens" and you were in the article talking about "The Rider" in Duckenfield St. Thomas. The rider was on a motor cycle I think. There was no picture though, which I thought was kinda strange. They showcased some pics at the top of the article but yours wasn't one of them.... Why did they not show "the rider"? could it have been an oversight? Anyhow, glad to know you are now working in your chosen field.

Hey! Yeah one of my photos was featured in the Observer. I don't know why it' snot in the online version but it's in the actual paper though. I took a photo of it with my phone, you can see it here

Well photography is enjoyable and rewarding in many ways, just need to make it more rewarding financially now.

when is the date of the next Wedding Extravaganza?