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Friday, October 15, 2010

Opps, I Did It Again!

It has certainly been a while since I have posted anything here... I seriously think I have lost my Blogging Mojo. I used to be able to write a post sometimes even three or four time a week! but alas, I just can't seem to do that anymore, I'm averaging about one post a month now. I need to get that Mojo back, because it's not even that I am extremely busy to the point where I can't find time to blog. This is very urgent as I am about to launch a brand new blog... yeeesss, I said brand new blog. But this will be different, as it will be totally dedicated to my photography, so no random post about the weather, just pure unadulterated photography. I am hoping to start that blog by as early as next week. I think it will be a good Idea for me to document my journey in my passion, photography. I should have started that blog a long time ago, but procrastination got the better of me. Have no fear Stunner's Afflictions will still continue to be around for all my other useless musings. So you can look out for the launch of my new photoblog in a few days.

The bride's shoot shot with my Nikon D90
Since I am on the topic of photography, let me give you an update on how that is going. Well, I have improved a bit since I last spoke here about my photography, but I am still oh so far away from where I want to be. The journey is long, hard and very expensive, but photography is something I love so I am still walking the perilous journey. I have now done two weddings as a second shooter and have gained enough confidence to take on a wedding of my own, yes a a primary shooter. I have to admit, being a wedding photographer is one of the hardest jobs one can do! One has to be prepared to sweat, put up with pain all over: hands, feet, back etc, organize a chaotic bunch of nervously overjoyed people, get the exposure right, catch every special moment... and the worse thing is, you mostly only get one shot, no retake! And if you think it's finished there, you are wrong, as there are several days of post work in front of the computer to really wow the client. I have a few prospective ones in the wings, so I am looking to getting those contracts and of course the pay! Hehehe...

My new Nikon D90 and Nikon 18-105 kit lens
My passion of photography has cause me to do some really crazy things, get on my belly, climb up on dangerous ledges, venture into secluded places... and it still continues to make me spend money that I don't have! This is still true as it was demonstrated recently with two new major acquisitions. I had been noticing that my Nikon D60 DSLR was somewhat limiting my creativity and had started to toy with the idea of upgrading to a new camera. however, it was not until after my first wedding as a second shooter that I was convinced that if I am going to be serious about photography, I needed an upgrade. With this in mind and a lot of thought, calculations, budgeting and sweating I made a leap of faith, yes went out on a very frail limb and made two major purchases. I sold my Nikon D60 and upgraded to a new Nikon D90. At the time I could only afford the body, thus I was lacking a general wide angle zoom lens as I had sold the one I had with the D60 body. So a few days ago I again sacrificed and bought a 18-105mm lens, which I got just yesterday. Was all that money worth it?

A photo from my first model shoot with the D90
It certainly did! I shot the second wedding as a second shooter and was not disappointed and depressed as when I did my first with the D60! The D90 proved itself at that wedding! I must admit that even though I have not done much shooting with the D90, I am loving it! I did my first model shoot with it a few days ago and the camera was great to use. So I have no regrets making the move to upgrade my camera. Now I need some good fast lens, but that is for the future. Right now I will have to work with what I have and hopefully make some good money to support this expensive addiction. You can take a look at the photos from my first model shoot using the D90 here in the set titled Crissie.

Wow! that was a mouthful and a half! Please make this be the Mojo coming back... please...

6 commented:

you are pure magic Stunner J!!!

sweet! yea I did one wedding as second photographer earlier in the year and having the 90 really really helped. Its a nice camera, think the new replacement for it must be near though cause all the camera stores are selling the D90 body at like 300 dollars less than i paid and i got mine for about 300 lower than regular price when i bought in january

love the new cam and looking forward t the new blog

@Jdid: Yup the D90 is a very good camera. Yeah the D7000 will be released soon, Amazon has it on pre-order for about $1200. Wanted the D7000 or D300s, but needed an upgrade immediately and was on a real tight budget. So I went for the D90.

@Jamaipanese: Thanks, it's going on well! Soon launch it, searching for a decent wordpress theme.

If photography is your passion, then don't sweat about not being able to write...put all your energy into the photography.

In fact, when I read your first lines of this blog post, I was going to say, post more pictures!