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Monday, October 18, 2010

New Photo Blog!

So true to my words in my last post, I finally got my own domain name and blog for my photography,! With the aid of my fellow blogger and photographer Jamaipanse I was able the setup the photoblog with relative ease. So now I have a platform to blog about my photography, yes a blog dedicated only to photography and my journey to photographic bliss!!! So far I two posts on the blog, on an introductory post and the other is about my first shoot with my new Nikon D90. The other good thing is that I now have my own domain name, which looks much better on my business card... which I have ordered from I could stay here and tell you a lot more about the new blog, but that would just spoil all the fun for you. So head on over to and explore!

2 commented:

omg I remember when you just got your starter cam! but why not a domain with just your name without the "photography"?

Yes Owen, I remember those days too like it was just yesterday lol! Maybe I should have just done that come to think of it.