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Monday, January 04, 2010

No, Bounty, No...

Bounty, Bounty, Bounty, when will you learn? The iconic Dancehall Artist, Mr Cross, Angry and Miserable Bounty Killer (Rodney Price) certainly lived up to is titles at the Shaggy and Friends charity show which took place on the lawns of Kings House over the weekend.

Bounty Killer is well known for his hit Dancehall songs and as the leader of the Alliance Dancehall conglomerate, but the self proclaimed Poor People Governor is also well known for his incessant onstage tracing (cursing). So much so is his constant bickering and arguing that, that it seems on every performance he has to spend a good portion of his segment cursing someone or some entity.

Not even the upscale Shaggy and Friends Charity show was not spared the onslaught of the famous Bounty lap-skirt-tail cursing! The Jamaica Star, recalls the actions as the unfolded,

Minutes after 2 a.m., Mavado who was not booked for the show, was called onstage by Shaggy.

The Alliance member after reminding everyone that he's So Special, pledged to make a donation but said he could not do it "without him daddy... (Bounty Killer)".

Bounty Killer then entered the stage to a cheers from the crowd.

Those cheers would easily die away and make for a moment of relative silence and a few dropped jaws as the deejay came out blaring, "...... (Fassyhole) an' ...... (Battyman) nuh waa dem aroun mi ..." part of the chorus to his 1997 hit, Eagle And Di Hawk.

"Sorry but me haffi talk," he then said before continuing, "nuff a dem a ... (I figure he said Battyman) dats why dem nuh have nuh pickney ..."

Come on Bounty, after being in the Dancehall business for as long as over twenty years, you still don't know when and where to say certain things? This is a well known, well rated, benefit concert with patrons spanning form the influential business people, politicians, overseas interests, diplomats and the rich "uptown" ("upper" class) people in the society and this is how Bounty Killer conducts himself! According to The Jamaica Star, it is believed that Bounty's action resulted in the premature end of the show and a very embarrassed and upset Shaggy, who left the stage without thanking the patrons for their support. I understand that Bounty as well as basically all Dancehall Artistes are very outspoken against homosexuality, and in Jamaica there is a time, place and audience that will welcome such sentiments. However, Mr. Bounty Killer, this event was not definitely not one of those occasions!

Bounty Killer, has since released an apology for his latest tantrum at the event. But no amount of apologies can undo the effects of his thoughtless, selfish and stupid behaviour at the event. Bounty as well as several other Dancehall artistes need to wake up and learn how to conduct themselves appropriately based on the given environment.


9 commented:

hee hee! Well, BK's outburst does not belong in any other time and place except in the shower where nobody can hear him. This is what happens when you allow this kind of crap to fester in the first place. It's silly to think that he is "supposed" to know when and where to say such things; aren't DJ's supposed to be the mouthpiece of those who will not tolerate any form of containment?

And it's even more hypocritical of him to apologise. Goes to show that he (and probably the rest of them) are mouthing such vile stuff to get attention. He got it, alright.

Oh boy! Sometimes I wonder if artistes get so caught up in the hype that they become loose cannons. Then again publicity is publicity

If that was all he said, it was tame. I guess it must have been WAY WAY more than that. That alone couldn't have sent people home early, IMHO!

i could see this coming, the artist line up was looking more like sting this year as to a charity event to raise money for a children hospital. with all good intention, it is silly think that some dj woulld not cross the line of what is decent and approriate at the said time. Not even for charity some will put away the constant "war" against the system, their own friends and ofcourse the greatest threat, the homosexuals.
I don't know if mr. Price intention was a publicity stunt or just an opportunity for him to 'trace off' the uptowners but i can tell you this it is this exact type of behaviour that have stifled the growth of dancehall over the past decade. Lets just hope the next generation of dance acts are more business sense. Music is about fun, expression yes good and bad without the death call.

There's a time and place for everything as you rightly pointed out and it just goes to show no matter how much financial success one has, still can't buy class!!

Stupid is as stupid does...

This was sad. I think this was the point that most people were just fed up with this yute. He is a big man but fails to act his age. I think he acted that way because people from his past were there and he needed to make a statement - he is our local Kanye.

His apology shouldn't be accepted but he should be shipped off to rehab - for help. Tired of him.By all reports the night was spoiled by him.

I can't imagine how Shaggy felt. You play with fire you get burned!

and thats why dancehall in the state it in these days

This news passed me. I didn't hear about this at all. Bounty will never grow up it seems. Poor guy.