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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jamaica Night at Wyndham Kingston

Vegetable selection at Jamaica Night
I recently went to the Wyndham Kingston Jamaica Night buffet and sampled their Jamaican themed culinary presentations. Jamaica Night is one of the themed buffet nights that the Wyndham Kingston offers to its guests and patrons and is held every Tuesday at their poolside. Jamaica Night gives patrons a taste of our local cuisine as well as live entertainment provided by a local band. But what would my Jamaica night experience include?

Cow skin and gungo peas soup
For those who like to start off their dining the right way, the soup of the day was cow skin and gungo peas soup accompanied by a choice of white or whole wheat rolls. I was a bit skeptical of the cow skin and gungo soup but I was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted. If it wasn't for the fact that I had to save space for the rest of the food I would have opted for a second serving.

My plate from the vegetable buffet
If you are like me and love your vegetables then Wyndham did not disappoint as there was an assortment of salads to choose from: such as fresh garden salad, coleslaw, chicken and sweet corn salad and if your a bit more adventurous there was a yam salad with red herring. There was also ham for those who wanted some cold cut meat to go with their choice of vegetables. However, if you are not the vegetable kind then there was fruit salad to ensure your meal was somewhat balanced. 

Cow foot a part of the protein buffet
The buffet offered main course dishes that give a taste of Jamaica and featured local meats such as curried mutton, jerk chicken, jerk pork, cow foot as well as fish stuffed with steamed callaloo. These meats were offered with accompanying starches such as yellow yam, boiled bananas and seasoned rice.  I'm not a fan of cow foot so I sticked with the curried mutton, jerk chicken, fish and the jerk pork with some yellow yam. The pork was nice and soft and the chicken was very tender and juicy while the curried mutton went well with my yam and banana. With all that down the hatchet, it was time to move on to the final part of the meal.

Apple Strudel
There was a wide assortment of pastries to satisfy the sweet tooth such as plantain tart, coconut toto, coconut macaroon, apple strudel. Being a big lover of pastry I made sure I sampled all of the above and what better way to have my pastry than with a cup of smooth, delicious, freshly brewed Blue Mountain Coffee!

Live band performing at Jamaica Night
I enjoyed this feast to the sound of a wide assortment of Jamaican music, ranging from Reggae to Rock Steady and Ska, provide by the live band. Some of the patrons enjoyed the music even more than I did as they abandoned their table and took to the dance floor and grooved to the music.

Jamaican craft items on sale at Jamaica Night
Food and music was not all that you could have at Jamaica Night, you could also take home a bit more of our Jamaican culture. Jamaica Night also features a vendor with a wide assortment of Jamaican craft items and clothing for those who want to take a piece of Jamaica home with them.

If you are looking for somewhere different to dine but want some Jamaican style food then Wyndham Kingston in New Kingston is definitely an option. All you can eat food under the open sky, live Jamaican music, secure parking  and all for a relatively reasonable price of JM$2560 per person makes Jamaica Night a pretty decent dining choice.

For more photos visit my Facebook album Wyndham Kingston Jamaica Night.

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