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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EITS Cafe - Restaurant In The Hills

Small sign at the entrance of EITS
Nestled in the lush green hills of the Blue Mountains far away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Kingston is a small restaurant called EITS Cafe. The name EITS, I realized after a while, is an acronym for Europe In The Summer. This rustic little restaurant, perched on the side of one of the many steep valleys of Jamaica's highest mountain range is a real testament to what a country restaurant is. It's rustic board structure and the remote location is just what the doctor ordered to make one forget the stresses of city life!

View of the Blue Mountains from EITS Cafe
The journey to EITS is not the best as it involves driving along a very narrow, winding, rough road along steep mountain ranges. However, the journey does give you the opportunity to appreciate the lush, green majestic mountains that make up Jamaica's highest mountain range, the Blue Mountains. This unassuming restaurant was easy to miss as we navigated along the road way, despite the signs along the route and it close proximity to the roadside. After driving past what was perceived to be just a cabin along the roadside and making a U-turn at New Castle, several miles away, we made it back to the quaint little establishment called EITS Cafe. EITS Cafe is also a part of the mountain lodge called Mount Edge Guest House, an equally rustic cabin. But what would this place have to offer?

EITS Cafe and Mount Edge
Even before entering the restaurant itself you are embraced by the feeling of an old time country house. The atmosphere was rustic yet very relaxing as the peace and tranquility of this remote location permeated the air, only punctuated by the very rare sound of a vehicle passing by. The wooden structure of EITS and Mount Edge Guest House adds to the charm and feel of this rural establishment.

The entrance to EITS Cafe
A part of the ambiance of EITS and Mount Edge
One of the dining areas at EITS Cafe
A part of the "Old Time Jamaica" decor at EITS Cafe
The meals at EITS are prepared with farm fresh produce grown on their farm on the valley just below the restaurant. It just doesn't get get any fresher than that! I started off my meal with a vegetable soup garnished with freshly picked lettuce from the farm, just what was needed to open the appetite. This was quickly followed by the main course a chicken pasta dish accompanied by cooked vegetables as well as farm fresh lettuce. The chicken pasta meal was not what I was used having at the restaurants in Kingston to but was more reminiscent to real old time country style cooking. But that blends in well with the look and atmosphere of the restaurant and offered something different from the norm. I ended my dining experience with a cup of the world famous Blue Mountain Coffee.

Vegetable soup at EITS
Chicken Pasta
Blue Mountain Coffee
EITS is a nice getaway from the normal dining experience, especially for those of us who crave for new experiences and who are tired of the modern dining experiences.

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I'm not one for the winding roads but I will travel a long way for real blue mountain coffee

LOL! Yep BM coffee is that good!