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Friday, May 06, 2011

Carnival On The Road!!!

Miss Universe 1st Runner-up Yendi Phillips enjoying the music
On Sunday of this week the Jamaican Carnival season came to it's climax, the grade finale, the road march. The Carnival season started at the beginning of the year with the customary blow out nights and socarobics sessions at Mass camp then built up momentum with beach J'Ouvert over the easter weekend and then the final set of J'Ouvert sessions in New Kingston the Friday night before the Road March.

Revelers pose for a photo
I always look forward to the road march for the colourful costumes and also the colourful multitude of women that only seem to come out when it is time for the road march. What could be better than beautiful women dancing in scanty costumes? (heheehee) I was especially excited this year though since I had a new camera and also my prized possession, my 24-70mm f2.8 lens! So I was ready to take some great photos of the fun on the streets.

A reveler dancing to the Soca music
I had a rough weekend with a lot of work so my plans of getting up early to capture the event from the start was totally out of the question. I got up at about 10am  and decided I would catchup with the revelers and my fellow photographers after lunch when they were re-energized. However, things did not work as planned! by 12:00pm the sun was replaced by mean dark clouds which began to pour its fury on the road and it poured and poured! At this point getting any glimpse of the road march was just a dream.

More lovely females posing for the camera
However, just as how a bright sunny day changed to a deluge, it changed back to a very bright and sunny afternoon! the sun came back out with full force, almost squashing the memory of the previous rain. I met up with the revelers on Trafalgar Road in New Kingston and thanks to a fellow photographer I got an arm band which allowed me full access to the revelers! This year road march was much smaller than previous years, seems the recession has also hit Bacchanal Carnival. There were only about five trucks and the number of costumed revelers was very small and disorganized. Even the lead costume was almost nonexistent for the various groups. Nevertheless it was a fun crowd, lots of dancing, gyrating, scantily clad, sexy women were out on the streets. It was a much smaller road march than previous years, but it still provided a lot of photo ops and was fun.

This lady certainly turned several heads with her revealing costume and  eye-popping body!
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I've always loved carnivals on the road! :))) Thanks so much for sharing!

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