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Monday, August 09, 2010

One Year Unemployversay... Not A Yay Moment

I just realized that I haven't posted in quite a while... again. This is not good for someone who is contemplating migrating my blog to its own .com and also thinking of starting a new photo-blog, dedicated to my passion photography. Now I'm wondering it I will be waisting my precious, rapidly dwindling funds on paying for hosting! As a result I am still considering the move. Hopefully I can host two domains on one hosting account. So I am still weighing my options and shopping around, as it would be nice to have my own .com's.

I just remembered that July 31, 2010 made it officially one year since I have been unemployed. The job market here in Jamaica is very rough! I has hoping I would have found suitable employment after my sixth month of unemployment, but I have passed the one year mark and still I have not found any gainful employment. I have searched high and low, sent out countless applications, missed out on one interview, been on one interview and still hunting for that elusive dream called employment.

However, I am still on what seems to be the futile search for gainful employment in these tough economic times. being unemployed and having bills that won't quit can be very depressing at times, trust me it really gets depressing at times. However, I still have a lot to give thanks for as I still am able to pay my bills and eat. I have had to make adjustments to my expenses and what and where I eat in a bid to reduce spending, even though JPS still seems to elude me despite my best efforts. I have also had time to work on my photography which is improving with my somewhat limited photographic resources. So I guess even in the thick gloom of my unemployment there are a few faint rays of light shining through. Now I just hope i can land a few good paying photo gigs to earn some funds.

Nevertheless, with the help of God the Almighty, I am still staying afloat in the turbulent seas. I know there are a lot of persons in my position and also some who are in a worse off position than me, so I still give thanks between my bouts of feeling down. But "where there is life there is hope and where there is God there is help!"... wait, mi just come up with a quote! Brap! Brap!... So I'm holding the faith and taking things one day at a time.

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For some reason, I just didn't 'click' that times were bad in Jamdown.

A lot of folks here have their own businesses but you have to have real good money management skills. I work for myself, doing private tutoring.

If having your own dot com will help you sell your skills, that's a good idea to have one.

Good luck, Stunner.

You'll get through it, you must be networking but keep at it.

Something will pull through

I didn't realize it had been that long. It must be very hard indeed. I can't think of what to say that won't be meaningless platitudes but remember it is darkest just before the dawn

Wow a year and u still living the same place paying higher bills and eating! U gotta dispel that secret, maybe have a workshop and tell ppl how u do it, that surely will garner some funds.But im proud of u. Not many Jamaicans can do that but as ity and fancy cat says when Jamaicans nah mek nuh money we find a way to mek money.

Maybe ur job expectations are too high. In this day and age ur not gonna get a good deal anywhere. Companies stop offer pension funds, insurance etc, everybody on contract now. Do wat u can even if its small. Every mickle mek a muckle

As I said on another forum I wanna be like you when I grow up .If I lose my job I know I won't be living it up like you still:)

I hope something happen soon for you