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Friday, December 28, 2007

The Curtain Closes On Another Year

So Christmas has come and gone, all the excitement of the crazy shopping has died down. There are no after Christmas sales here in Jamaica, well none that I know of. Although sometimes I wonder if Jamaican stores know he meaning of a sale. merely taking of 5% of items does not qualify as a sale in my book! The end of the overeating, over drinking and merrymaking has calmed down and advertisements for countless New Years Eve parties fill the radio waves, which signals that another year is coming to and end. Yes folks it's that time again when we reflect on the ups and downs of the passing year, the mistakes, the accomplishments, the disappointments and the wonderful times we had in 2007. but it is also a time we look forward to a new year, a new beginning for some, we start to make plans, resolutions, and try not to make the same mistakes we did in the past year.

For me the year was an alright one... I guess. It had its fair share of ups and downs, but overall it wasn't too bad. At the beginning of the year it had some major disappointments and thought my year would be so awful based on how it started. But things started to get a little better as the year progressed. I won't dwell on the negatives, but I prefer to reflect on the high points of the year. I do have a lot to be grateful for, hmmm, lets see... I got a new apartment, one that is comfy and that I actually look forward to going home to; I successfully completed my 3 years bachelor of Engineering course with honours; my photography is slowly improving; I got reacquainted with old friends and grew closer to others, and I met a very special young lady. So I guess it wasn't too bad after all.

As the curtain draws on 2007, and you reflect on the passing year, how was it for you?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Party Weekend

Ashe' in performance.

The weekend didn't quite turn out as I had wanted, but it wasn't bad though. As I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to attend two parties for the weekend, but I managed to only attend one. I wanted to go to my company's staff party and then head to Yesterday to get my groove on, but it seems age got the better of me (or so I think).

I did go to the company's staff party which wasn't too bad despite the late start. The food wasn't impressive both in taste and in quantity, but there was enough liquor to go around. But being a responsible driver and person, Stunner did not over indulge. The entertainment lineup was what is was supposed to be, entertaining. The MC for the evening was Elva, known for her antics on Full House Fridays on Fame FM and anyone who knows of Elva certainly knows she can a keep a crown lively! Ashe' started off the evening of a lively note and got the crowd warmed up. They were followed by other performances including the winners of All Together Sing (A high school choir competition) and Prodigal. The performances ended on a high note with the guest performer, the real big man, Professor Nuts, who kept the audience laughing during his entire performance and encore. When that was over, at about 12:30 am, it was over to Renaissance, who commanded the dance floor and the real party started! They kept the music juggling and the people on the dance floor moving to the beat until the wee hours of the morning when I left at about 3:30 am. By that time Yesterday was out of the picture!

Now on to a matter that grieved my spirit! I saw one of my ex at the party and damn she was looking hot nuh ten fyah side! However, this is the same girl that when we were together never took the time out to look hot! I mean she didn't look shabby at the time, but she never put out that extra effort to stop a man in his tracks. But last night she certainly did look stunning nuh ratid! Dem things deh just mek man !&^@#(@?*%!! cross! I man didn't overreact, just played it cool with a "Hi, how are you, short convo"... it's a good thing I was looking like a Stunner myself, else yuh know mi would feel bad nuh ratid! But we all get mature and change as we get older in life, and she certainly has changed for the better, I guess. Good for her, I won't hate.

Overall, I did enjoy myself partying with my coworkers, meeting up with some who I only speak to on the phone from all over the island during my duties at work and shaking a leg or two to some good selections. Oh, and as you may have guessed by now, I didn't win the $25,000 Gate prize... as expected. The worst part of the weekend is having to get up with a splitting headache three and a half hours later, to drag my tired ass of to work. &@##%@*!^! Oh well, such is the life of a struggling young man, nothing an extra strength Exedrin and two extra spoon of Blue Mountain coffee kinda fixed!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Pull It Up - "World Dance"

Well tomorrow is Yesterday... hmm, that kinds sound weird! Well, as I was saying, tomorrow is Yesterday. The party where patrons will relive the best of the 90's and work up a sweat as they enjoy themselves and get lost in the music! My company is having a staff party the same evening, so i think I will pass through and eat up some of the free food, try to win the gate prize (like that will happen!). Then after that I hope to head to Yesterday, by that time the party will be in full swing and the vibes will be flowing. Yes my friend people will be whining and dancing up a storm. An speaking of dancing, do you remember this one?

I hope you liked that dance down memory lane. Anyway enjoy yourselves over the weekend and be responsible as you have fun!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tis the Season of Parties!

The Christmas season is upon us once again, the time of year many storm the shopping malls, make generous donations, give gifts to the special people in their lives while some approach it from a religious point of view as the time the celebrate the birth of Christ. However, there is one more thing that is characterize this time of the year, it is the season of parties!

At this time of the year in Jamaica there is an overwhelming number of parties to pick and choose from! I was listening to Zip 10 FM while driving and it seems there were more ads for parties than music! Among this season's lineup of parties and events are the big name all inclusive parties, Special Delivery and French Connections as well as the heavy weight stage shows, Welcome to Jamrock and Sting! For a lineup of the events for this season you can visit party sites like or

I doubt I'll be doing a lot of partying, money kinda tight right now and I man getting old! But I hope to go to my favorite party, Yesterday, on December 22. Yeah, nothing like some fabulous selections 90's Dancehall music permeating the night air and hot women wining their waistlines! Considering that I have never been to one of those all-inclusive parties, I would love to attend one this year, but the price tag is scaring my pocket!

So what are your party plans? Which events will you be attending?

Friday, December 14, 2007

I Are Back!

Yes people, as they say, "all good things must come to an end". And this is so true, as my good vacation has come to an end and I'm back on the Rock! A very wet one too at that! Oh yes, as I came back from my hiatus in the cold and snow in New York, I was greeted by the warm embrace of Olga, who "showered" me with love!

But even though I didn't mind the blessings from above I didn't have time to wrap up in under the sheets and sleep, as I had to hit the ground running! The very next day after my return
I had to jump out of bed and hauled my you know where to work. But that's not all, after those weeks of inactivity and gorging on the foreign delicacies and yumm pastry. I wasted no time getting my workout routine started again. Let me tell you, that first day was pure hell, I was literally struggling through routine. Hence, you can understand my absence from blogging.

My flight back on Air Jamaica was almost on time, only 15 minutes delayed, which is no biggy compared to the 6 hours delay I had to endure when I was heading to New York.We even still got to Jamaica on time! But Air Jamaica is not the sort of airline that would let you travel with them without giving you a reason to get upset and cuss! Oh no they just had to mess it up. I disembarked from the plane and was only help up a few seconds by a woman who tumbled down the steps from the aircraft and went through immigration rather quickly. Now dutty tinking Air Jamaica took an entire hour to get the suitcases on the carousel! Three other flights came in and sent out their cargo before I got my suitcases! Yes, slackness, dutty tinking Air Jamaica!

Anyway folks, my bed is calling, so enjoy your weekend, wet or dry! Here is a likkle something to start off your weekend.

Friday, December 07, 2007

$10 Wine!

...Cent, 5 Cent, 10 Cent, Dollar
Cent, 5 Cent, 10 Cent, Dollar
Forget the small change give me give money woowine

If anybody lives in the Caribbean or has lived in the Caribbean and is in their twenties or older would remember the Dollar Wine song. How could we forget, especially that part about leaving out the small change and giving the bog money wine! Oh yes, I remember those days. Well, it seems the younger ones these days have found a whole new interpretation and have taken inflation into account with what is now called the Ten Dollar Wine!

According to The Star, they have received reports that female students at some of the high schools in St. Catherine are selling sexual favours to male students starting at an asking price of JM$10. One teacher, interviewed by The Star, said, "I know some of them sell 'wine' for $10, and in other schools they sell it for $50. I know that they charge $100 just to push it in". Yes, these nine to eleven grade young girls are selling their bodies and sexual favours for a s cheap as JM$10 (approximately US$0.14)! [Article]

It seems things are just getting from bad to worse with our youth. These misguided young girls seem to have no pride in themselves and no respect for their bodies as they find it easy to give 'it' up for a few dollars or a ride in the taxi or the front seat of the infamous bashment minibus. I agree that times are hard, but they can't be that hard for these school girls to be offering sexual favours to male students and grown men for little or nothing! Ratid, JM$100, can hardly buy a patty and an box drink much less $10!

Something needs to be done to help these wayward girls. It is easier said than done and no one, two or three plans can solve this problem, but we as a nation need to make a start. I would love to say it starts at home and that the parents of these children need to talk to them, show them right from wrong and instill discipline in the foolish minds of the school girls. But sadly, some of these parents do not know any better or don't even care. The school needs to play a part in helping these young girls to see the value of themselves, to have self worth and pride and also to dicipline these out of control teens. However, the school is severely limited in what they can do where this is concerned as their primary goal academia. And even if the school decided to dicipline these teens, they run the risk of facing the wrath of the teens' family members and eve the same parents that should be working as a team in bringing up these children in the right way. Then we still have to contend with all the negative influences these teems feed on from their environment, entertainment and so called role models. It is indeed a sad state of affairs and a gloom fore gleam into the future of this country.

Maybe we should start a mentorship programme, maybe the schools should offer more guidance as a part of its curriculum and be tougher where discipline is concerned. Maybe, some of these parents need to be counseled and helped to provide the guidance and discipline needed to curb this trend in our girls. maybe we need to get the arm of the law involved. I don't know, but something needs to be done for this trend to stop.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Rich Bitch!

Everyday I read the news about American rich people and celebrities I get pissed. The latest is the case of New York real estate mogul Leona Helmsley and her pooch Trouble. According to the New York Post, Helmsley died and left her dog with a $US12 million trust fund! What the hell! How the hell does someone leave a mutt a $US12 million trust found? It's a damn dog! This creature doesn't know how to appreciate $US12 million, he can't invest it into real estate, buy flashy cars or go shopping for designer clothes! However, this crazy woman deiced to instead of using this money for a worthwhile purpose that would benefit so many people, yes humans, who are suffering and in need of some financial help she decided to give it to a dog. But wait, it gets better, or should I say worse!

Trouble does not stay in a little kennel like most dogs, oh no, this pooch lives in a 28 room Connecticut estate! [How much rooms does your house have?] If you think you pamper yourself and enjoy the finer things in life at times, you are wrong my friend. Why? The estimated cost of caring for Trouble, which includes security, medical care and grooming, is well over $US300,000 a year! [How much money do you spend on yourself a year?] And get this, no Pedigree for this bitch as Trouble chows down on meals prepared especially for her by chefs!

It appears that Trouble has made herself some enemies and have been receiving death threats. As a result, her paid caretakers have taken several drastic steps to protect this rich bitch. Trouble was flown by private jet with her security team to a Helmsley property in the Sarasota area, which I doubt is less that 10 rooms! While at her hideout this 4.5 pound dog is guarded by a rotating security team!

Now things like these just rally get me ticked off! No it's not bad mind, (hehe... well maybe a little) but all this is just ridiculous! So much money being spent on a dog! And so many people out there suffering, including yours truly! The sad thing is, I'm sure other rich people and celebrities waste tonnes of cash on their pooches, including the biggest coke head Paris Hilton. Is it that the richer you get, the crazier and dumber you get? Is it that the ore money you get the more dumb things you find to waste money on? Dem tings here just mek man cross star!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Maid

The Maid asked for a raise:

The Madam was very upset about this and asked: 'Now Maria, why do you want an increase?'

Maria: Well Madam, there are three reasons why I want an increase. The first is that I iron better than you.
Madam: 'Who said you iron better than me?'

Maria: 'The Master said so.'
Madam: 'Oh.'

Maria: 'The second reason is that I am a better cook than you.'
Madam: 'Nonsense, who said you were a better cook than I?'

Maria: 'The Master did.'
Madam: 'Oh.'

Maria: 'My third reason is that I am a better lover than you.'
Madam (very upset now): 'Did the Master say so as well?'

Maria: 'No Madam, the gardener did.'


Sunday, December 02, 2007


Click on the Image to Enlarge

Yeeaahh!!! I got to see snow! I know I sound like a likkle Frighten Friday, but I don't care, at least now I can say I have experienced snow. I didn't come up expecting to see snow any at all, even though I was hoping I would, because everyone told me that snow usually don't start falling until late December, or early January. So I contented that I would just settle for the cold and the look of the trees.

Even with this in mind, I still was following the weather forecast, just to see if their was any chance of snow. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the forecast called for snow on December first. But even with that, you know forecasts can be wrong, so I didn't get my hopes up! But this morning, the forecast certainly came true and it definitely snowed! So of course you know who garbed on some winter gear and went out to experience snow for the first time in his life! And an experience it was, a very cold one, but I did enjoy my brief moment in the cold snow. The forecast calls for more snow tomorrow and some rain, so things should get more interesting!

Today was a quite and lazy day, as I stayed home, ate and slept, I going put on some serious weight! I will have a lot of work to do when I get back to Jamaica. But Friday I went on the road to do a little shopping and watched the movie, The Mist, which is another story. And yesterday I was on the road all day yesterday. I went to one of my Mother's friend to have brunch, toured Harlem a bit and went up to Cross County to do some shopping. So I guess today was a rest day I guess, to recuperate. So my vacation hasn't been going on too bad so far at all.