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Thursday, November 24, 2005


I know that you may have been saying that I have been Missing In Action for the past few days. I have been under so much pressure lately. I pent the past couple of days trying to play catch up in my Math course. It has been a slow process, considering that I don't know shit! My test was scheduled for yesterday, Wednesday, and I was also supposed to hand in an assignment for the same course. This is to be the course-work grade for the semester. So my classmates and I spent the evenings into the early morning trying to make sense out of all this crap! Well, as luck would have it, some people in the class saw the lecturer and begged him to put off the mid-semester test and assignment to next week, to which he agreed...Oh thank God! At least I now have a week to escape the impending failure that I was faced with. So next week I have the test, the assignment and another assignment for another course (which is already finished, hahah). After that I will have to start focusing my energy into passing the dreaded finals. So I will be M.I.A. at times during the turbulent period, which should last for the next 3 weeks.

On lighter side while trying to de-stress a bit, I decided to browse though The Star's website and I took a peek at the Star Poster Girl for this week, and my, my, my...I was pleasantly surprised. This girl's body certainly eased some of the stress. I have placed it below on this post especially for the benefit of my fellow stressed students like , Scratchie and ShottaM... I don't think this will help Smallislandgirl though, hush babes.

I must admit that black women are the most beautiful of all creation, but out of all the black women, Jamaican women...well, Caribbean women are the most exotic. Who could resists that nice round ass, those curvy hips, beautiful breasts, those thick thighs and that warm West Indian smile? Well, that's another post.
Thanks for the "get-well" wishes, they seem to have worked beacause I'm now up and running, feeling soooo much better.
Anyway, all my fellow students I wish you all the best and those celebrating Thanksgiving, tek time wid the turkey!

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Thanks Dr.D, I need it.

Fi real. Da girl de body right...certainly wi cause tension in a certain place!

As my dear sainted mother would say, "Tonè"! I must be getting prudish in my old age. :D

Anyway, take it easy boy; I've been kinda MIA too.

Glad to hear things are going a bit more easy for ya....I have faith in you, you will do fine with your math!

The pic of the beautiful Jamaican lady is very nice....I have to agree with you that Caribbean woman are indeed beautiful!!

*Happy Gobble, Gobble Day*


I don't envy you at all ... All the best with your studies ... and make sure you get a real live girl to pose just like that for you, give you a dance or 2 in between math problems!!

Word Verification: zknnnksy

happy Thanksgiving to ya...she looks aight...I love Caribbean women and she looks aight.

Good luck..practice,practice is the key to Math.I done notice the girl relaxing you

For real, I can't tell you how badly I need a sexy vixen like that in ma life
at the moment.

She got, got, got, me drunk,
Got me love drunk off her hump.
Her hump, her hump, her hump, her hump, her hump,
Her hump, her hump, her hump, her lovely little lumps.

Hey Stunner, Hope all goes well with your paper. Mine are all in and I should be pretty much OK with them. The last one has me a bit concerned but the other course grades should cushion any shortfalls.

Oh man, some things never change. Was the saaaame thing we did as students at UWI, Mona. Begged the lecturers to put off exams, assignment dates...


Glad you're back

Glad ur'e good baby!

I'm a little jealous of her

Nice girl, Stunner. Baby got back!

oi! you! get studying and left the girlie pics lol! Maths was my favorite subject in Uni. the only one that didn't need a million books to read or some ish.

I'm big on bootylicious ladies so feeling the chick big time. What was that about Jamaican girls? chuh! don' tes' my Nigerian babies!

Good luck

I feel you on the school stress. Blech. Three more weeks!!! Best of luck on your remaining work!!

Are there any humans who understands this chicken scratch English being written on here? Dit, dat, o, wit, weh, de, aight, ya, da. Reads like a bunch of penal colony rejects robbed the computer store and got free internet access as a reward for being stupid. Do idiots talk like that for real or is this a secret code? Never mind because if you reply in that unintelligible language noboby will understand it anyhow.

That woman looks good. I wonder what my chances are with her.

I must confess i doubt you guys have seen any women in your lives. Apart from my own taste and feelings such as that chick would have to pay me to touch her, have a look at true beauty. Do a google search for Meagan Good and my favorite Malaika Arora Khan.

That my dear friends is the finest of creation. Cream of the Crop.

Little white boy would LOVE to roll around with that girl for HOURS. I would love to cover her in oil man those thighs!

I would touch that thick chick ALL OVER her thighs and ass are molten HOT I would suck and lick those legs and go down on her. I could kiss her for hours!

Interesting article, added his blog to Favorites

of course those fe de da words are not white english who could resist a blonde blue eye beatiful english girl thats why black boys wont one. shes not my ideal or any of my friends. prob load dirty old men.