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Friday, June 29, 2007

One Week Gone Already!!!

Well I'm now in the second week of my vacation... can you believe one week gone already! Let me give you a recap of my week. Well as you all know before my vacation here started on Thursday of last week insted of Wednesday thanks to the airline delays. As a result I didn't even knew when Thursday passed by, since I slept out the entire day. But this unfortunate incident was quickly overshadowed by the news that I was heading to Pennsylvania early the next morning!

Friday morning bright and early we were off to Pennsylvania, and off to Hershey Park! Well this was not without a hitch as the directions my sister printed told us to exit left when we should have exited right off the New Jersey Turn Pike and send us into the wrong direction. But thanks to the expertise of the proficient, expert navigator Stunner....wah, who unnuh did expect? Please, man a big time travelo!...we were back on track by traveling on another route which eventually would meet up back on the right route. Let mi tell you something perople, this place was country! I mean some serious, deep, rural, farmland, country! Don't believe me? Look at the pic below.

We arrived at the Hershey Park and after driving around in circles to find the entrance to the parking lot we finally disembarked and headed to our first activity, A tour of the Hershey Chocolate factory! Yummm chocolate! The tour was short but sweet, we saw how all of the Hershey's chocolate products were made from scratch! Pretty interesting I must say.

After the tour it was time for some real fun...the amusement park yeeaahhh! And amusement it was! Whhhhheeeeee, Whhhooooooo, Ahhhhhhhh!!! Roller coaster ride after roller coaster ride! Bear in mind this was the first time Mr. Stunner has even been on a roller coaster. Heart pounding, palms sweaty, eyes bulging and feet shaking, but Mr. Stunner was not too be deterred as i sampled one ride after the next with only brief breaks between rides to eat and walk to the next ride! I swear sometimes on those roller coaster rides I saw my life flash in front of me and question myself, "what the heck are you doing on these things mad bwoy?" But nevertheless I was on another even more extreme ride! It was a great experience...and yuh know who would do it again!

On Saturday it was off the tour the Indian Echo Caverns to tour the cave. Once again this was a first for me. The cave was neat, and the tour guide was entertaining. And of course you know Stunner had to make use of this photo opportunity despite the water dripping all over the place. According to the tour guide if a drop of water drops on your head you get something like 10 years blessing and if it drops on your nose you get 15 years...if my memory serves me right. Well the water dripped both on my head and on my nose, hehehe now yuh Know yuh boy Stunner lucky! After the tour it was time to head back to New York, but not before some SHOPPING!!! Yes when found ourselves a shopping plaza that was having a sale at every store so we just couldn't pass up this opportunity. I'll post those photos on my photoblog during the course of the week.

On Sunday evening I decided to make a quick run to Target, why? More SHOPPING!!! Duh! Yeah by the time I finish this week I'll be as broke as a church mouse, as I have more clothes, sneakers and camera equipment to buy. The rest of the week was pretty much laid back as I did nothing but eat, sleep ans laze around...yuh know who going put on a piece a belly! One has to get some rest on ones vacation! Next week I'll give you a recap of week two.

Oh yeah, I just noticed, this is my 200th post! Cool!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tagged - 8 Random Things About Me

Marangand tagged me some time ago to post 8 random things about myself. Here are the rules that I have to abide by:
  1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves
  2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and 8 random facts about themselves
  3. Then tag 8 other people and notify them that they have been tagged
So here I go:
  1. I do not eat liver, it tastes awful.
  2. I love going to the beach. It''l go all seven days of the week if I could.
  3. I used to walk home from school up to fourth form (10th grade). Me and my crew used to chat, DJ, take detours to explore. We used to look forward to going home every evening.
  4. I still watch cartoons. Yes I know i'm a big man but damn they make me laugh!
  5. I had my first Subway sandwich a few days ago. Can you believe it, it took me 20+ years!
  6. I wanted to be an Architect before changing to Engineering. Big mistake!
  7. I once went out to eat some food with my friends in two different foot of slippers and didn't realize until I had already reached.
  8. I have the picture to prove it.

Now to tag 8 people! Hmm I'm not sure who has been tagged before as i have been out of the loop a while, so, I hereby tag: Scratchie, Kami, Owen, Gela, Yamfoot, Taylor, Luke Cage, Justacoolcat.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Damn You Air Jamaica, You Owe Me A Day!!!

Hail all my fellow bloggers! Let me just begin with this statement, "Damn you Air Jamaica, you owe me a day!!!" I guess this has set the tone and has given you an idea that miy flight was delayed. Yes it was certainly delayed. At about 12:30 pm when I was just about to get ready, I got an email followed by a call from an Air Jamaica rep, that my flight scheduled to depart at 5:30pm was delayed until 7:45 pm. Well ok at least they told me before I left home. So no biggy although I was a bit disappointed. Then at about 4:30 pm I got another email saying my flight was again delayed until 8:45 pm! Now I was a bit upset as now I will not be able to take any photos from my window seat! Anyway I went to the the airport at about 6:00pm and checked in without a hitch. Sat sown in the departure lounge killing my phone battery playing games to kill the time, as there was not interesting female to distract me from the pain of waiting. 8:45 at last and the announcements rings through the room that the flight is now ready for boarding! At last I was finally on my way!

Or so I thought! The plane taxied down the runway at about 9:30 pm and I was all excited that I was on my way to the Big City. But this was not to be as the engines started to fire up, they immediately started to slow down and an announcement came from the captain saying that they are seeing an engine valve indicator and they will be returning to to have the engine checked out by the engineers. Oh great another delay! So after about an hour of waiting the pilot announces that they are going to test the engine and if all is well we will be ready to go! Yeeahhh! At last we will be on our way! NY here I come! The engines fired up and started to run and we were again ready to go. NOT! The indicator was still coming on, which means we will not be ready, more checks will have to be done and this about some minutes past 10:00 pm! Poor Stunner was then again grounded for about another hour before the engines were finally fired up once more to the satisfaction on the pilot and the engineers. So Stunner was finally on his way to NY on his minutes past 11 flight. By the time I passed though immigration and customs the sun was coming up and another day had dawned.

So Air Jamaica robbed me one day of my visit to the big city! But one thing I'm happy for though is that I actually arrived and the flight was ok. As the saying goes, "better late than never"... I think that might just be the slogan for the airline. Stay tuned for my adventures while on my Vacation.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My long awaited vacation is finally here and I'm wasting no time at all. I have packed my small suitcase and packed the other small suitcase into the larger one! My pastport and itinery are in my suitcase pocket, New York here I come!!! Family, friends, shopping! Lawd I can't wait!

The only bad thing it's that I'll be taking Air Jamaica, which means I will indeed have to wait, cause dem flight neva yet pon time! But I will just have to sit it out and find some nice beautiful young lady to keep my company.

If I get the chance to go online I will certainly drop a line or two and check out your posts! Tek care of unnuh self till di I come back to regular blogging!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Writer's Block - A Weekend Eye Candy

I have been wanting to post something since Thursday but it seems I have been suffering from a slight case of writer's block...I mean blogger's block. So I''l just post this pic that I saw while browsing The Star's website. Maybe it's just the angle but Latoya certainly seems blessed in the booty department! Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Tid Bits

Another weekend is upon us, and although I am working all weekend I was actually looking forward to the weekend, Friday evening to be specific and to be even more specific Friday afternoon anytime after 2:10pm. Why? No I wasn't going out or getting a booty call, although I wish I were. I had my Final Project presentation at 1:30 pm Friday afternoon. No I'm not afraid of speaking in front of a group of people, nor do I fear giving presentations, but anyone who has been through the UTech Engineering system know how grueling the Major Project presentation can be. And trust me it was. The presentation section is nothing to be afraid of, it's the question and answer section that is the hell! In this section the panel tries their very best to discredit your project and to make you as uncomfortable as possible. They are responsible for thirty percent of the final grade and they make it as hard as possible to get that grade. I am just hoping that I actually pass the project with a good grade, even just passing will be good enough right now as this is the only thins standing between me and graduating as I have passed all my final exams. I am just glad to have it done and over with, hopefully it is for good!

I was checking out the What's New section on, as I to from time to time and came across an interesting web site. The name of the site is Warning against cliff jumping at Rick's Cafe Negril, which is owned by a visitor to Negril Jamaica from Montreal, Quebec, Canada who injured herself by jumping off the cliff at Rick's Cafe'. Now I do feel sympathy for her for injuring herself but I find it rather comical that she has taken it upon herself to become a crusader to warn people of the dangers of jumping off the cliff at Rick's Cafe'. Here is an excerpt from her account:

"To my surprise their were locals diving from trees and off the 33 foot cliff into the water. The 'lifeguards' from Rick's cafe Negril told tourists to jump in the water and give them a tip. At Ricks, there is no indication that tourists regularly suffer broken spines, sternums, bruises, and even death. I jumped not realizing that the impact of the water could crush my body. I broke my spine and sternum. I displaced my diaphragm and bruised my thigh. I thought I might drown had I not found the mental strength to surface from the water."

OK come on! It's a damn 33 feet drop from the top of the cliff! Does any sensible human being need any signs to tell them that this shit is dangerous? And that you could suffer serious injuries or death by jumping from such a height? I have been to Rick's Cafe' and one look at that ratid cliff was enough to convince me not to jump, no lifeguard could convince me otherwise! Even if someone was chasing me to kill me and there is no other means of escape, I would still think twice! Judging from the extent of her injuries it seems she made a serious belly flop! And anyone who has had a belly flop from even 3 feet above water knows the hard punch and lingering sting one receives. I find it comical that this lady is blaming Rick's Cafe' and the tour agency for this incident and even pursuing legal action. Maybe I'm being a bit insensitive, but any sane adult should know that jumping from 33 feet into water is extremely dangerous and that there is a very strong possibility that you can seriously hurt yourself! Even if you see others do it without harm. Anyway I hope she recovers from her injuries soon, and think twice about attempting any other dangerous feat.

Castleton Photos
On a more pleasant and safer note, since you enjoyed the last set of photos I took on my visit to Castleton Gardens, and were looking forward to seeing more, here are the rest of the photos I posted on my photoblog.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Yes that's exactly how the place feels right now! Hot nuh bitch! I know it's the place that is hot and not just me, because my mind or body definitely can't simulate the heat that I'm feeling, nor the hot air blowing in through my window! The summer is certainly on it's way, in fact I think it reach already, because I can't imagine how I'm going to survive if the place gets any hotter. My fan is almost useless now as it's spitting hot air like a blow dryer. Unfortunately, I'm not blessed to have an AC in the apartment that I live, so I have to suffer the excruciating, skin melting, nose burning heat of the Kingston city. My only escape is the AC at my office, well the only bright side is that at least now I have something at work to look forward to.

I generally love the summer for the long days, the brilliant sunshine (when we don't have several tropical systems crashing the party), the endless supply of sexy, scantily clad females on the beach and on the streets and the welcomed break of the traffic associated with the school period! But I can't take the heat where I live! I need an AC in this apartment, I could buy one, but that makes no sense installing an AC unit in a rented place. So it seems I will have to suffer the torment of the heat, the tossing and turning at nights as the heat saturates my body, the sweating as I turn off the fan or step outside. I have now started to adopt the Dr. D style, yes the draws only fashion helps in these hot times!

Well what to do, the heat is on and it will be here for another four months, so I guess I will have to come up with a way to survive this heat and make the best of the summer! Anyway likkle more, I man gone hose down myself!