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Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Jamaican Link-up!

La Kabana was the place to be last nigh if you were a Jamaican Blogger. Liquor, finger food and nuff chatting and laughing. I finally got to meet some of the person's behind the blogs last night. Mad Bull, Scratchie, Dr. D, Shotta M and Cali J. Didn't get to meet Owen, I heard he had to leave early and hence, left before I arrived. I didn't get to meet Angry Dog either, I heard he had an emergency to deal with...(won't ask what that was). Mi a bun Fyahh fi Angry Dog since he was the first one to request a link-up!

You may have noticed that there are no females in the picture...nor have I made mention any thus far. I have always been proud to say that Jamaican women are the best because they stand by their men...well last night I had to eat my words and lapped my tail. We were abandoned by our female bloggers...WHHYYY?????

Unlike Dr. D, I didn't know anybody personally until I got to La Kabana. It was a good thing that everyone was there, all I could do is to look for a bunch of people by the bar. Overall, the night was a good night. Decent link-up wid nuff vibes...(despite the women abandoning us). It was good to meet some of my fellow bloggers, maybe we can do this again sometime.

I can't post much more at the moment because I'm heading to Portland. I will read and comment on your blogs when I come back. I will try to get some good pictures to share with you. Off to Portie!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Seasonal Comics No. 7

I know all of you have at least one of those awful persons who continually bug you and make your life a miserable hell. Who says you can't share the holidays with them? Be nice and communicate how you feel in a nice way!

Monday, December 26, 2005

Seasonal Comics No. 6

Now that some of you have had your fill of egg nog. I think I should share this with you.

Hope you're all enjoying yourselves.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Seasonal Comics No. 5

Here is Seasonal Comic No. 5, enjoy! Hope you're all enjoying yourselves.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Nuttin Much

I don't have much to post today. As usual I'm at work and will be working over the long weekend. So not much parting for me...but I know you will be parting your clothes off. So I will not be writing anything on my blog until after the long weekend, that is, until Tuesday. But for those of you who can't help yourself and have visit your daily doses of blogs, I will continue to post the Seasonal Comics. ADDICTS!!! Just kidding, I appreciate you all taking time from your hectic holiday schedule to visit my blog. Thank you all for the support since the conception of Stunner's Afflictions and I hope I will continue to have your valued support throughout the new year. Anyway, enjoy the holidays and all the best for 2006!

Seasonal Comics No. 4
Who said Santa's job wasn't hazardous?

Thursday, December 22, 2005

News Flash! - Bite of the Year.

Vybz Gets Married!

Yes, I could not believe it myself! But it's I'm not lying this it true! Mr. "Timeless" Vybz Kartel has tied the knot. Vybz Kartel a.k.a. Adidjah Plamer tied the knot today in a private ceremony with his lover of four years Stacey Elliot. In an exclusive interview with he explained that he met her at a stage show in Brooklyn New York back in 2001 and that he knew she was special from the moment they met. He confessed that he popped the question just a week ago. The hardcore Jamaican dancehall DJ said, " I never got cold feet, I woke up this morning looking forward to getting married, I am getting older, I am changing my image. The girls might say that I am already taken, but I guess they just have to work with it..." You can read the article at by clicking here. Unbelievable isn't it? But while Vybz seem to be settling down another unlikely star is rising...

DJ Reneto?
That is the question, Senior Superintendent Reneto Adams seems to be trying out for a new career. It seems that Mr. Adams has been considering this career move ever since his controversial debut performance at Sting 2004, where he sampled a couple of lines after accepting a gun from controversial DJ, Ninja Man. Adams now cleared of all charges related to the much locally publicized Krawl Trial must have been in a jubilant mood when he decided to cut a single. He has recorded a single on the Carbine rhythm which has been creating quite a stir in Jamaica. The single is titled "To Protect and Serve". DJ Adams' song was recorded about five days before his first court appearance [read the article here]. Seems as if he was not confident he would win the case, so him decide fi do a Jah Cure thing...becoume a big artise in prison. I heard the song earlier today thought it was just some new artiste trying a thing. A couple of my coworkers were saying that it was Adams, so this article confirms it...Senior Superintendent Reneto Adams is now a DJ. Go deh DJ Rene...the DJ to protect and serve.

Seasonal Comics No. 3

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Saint "Model" Figure.

Let me clear the air first of all. I don't have anything against slim women. I appreciate women in their varied sizes, all though I do have a preference for curvey full bodied women. However, Saint International, a local modeling agency has taken things too far! It seems the criteria for becoming a Saint model is to me mawga (extremely skinny) or anorexic. I watched their scouting TV show, CVM Faces of Summer, and could not believe my eyes! These girls were mere skin and bones. The worst thing is not that some of these girls are naturally skinny, but quite a few of them must be starving themselves to attain this so-called figure. The picture on the left is a picture of one on their models.

The next thing that pisses me off is the fact that the majority if not all of the models used to advertise clothing are extremely thin. The fact is the majority of people in the real world are not skin and bones but average sized people with some meat on their bodies. So why do theses people use the anorexic minority to advertise and model their clothes? I'm sorry but there is nothing sexier than a curvey woman, with thick thighs, nice breasts and a big round booty! And there are a lot of girls who are slim but still look good and that I find very sexy! You can be slim and look good, but it doesn't look good when they reach the anorexic "model" look!

It seems no one noticed that I finally found out how to add a picture to my banner. Well just to point it out, I have modified the banner of Stunner's Afflictions. I hope you all like the picture. As I promised here is another comic.

Seasonal Comics No. 2

Enjoy your day!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Party Weekend

What a weekend! I actually went out and partied this weekend. It had been such a long time since I got the chance to go out and enjoyed myself. Friday night I went to Yesterday, an I did have fun. It wasn't as good as the one that I went to some time ago [refresh your memory]. But nevertheless, I had myself some fun. Liquor flowed as this was included in the ticket price, and the music selection wasn't too bad. It had a couple of people wining and bubbling to the hit songs of the early 90's as well as the intermittent vocal gun salutes to the favorites. I got there at about 1:15am and partied until about 4:00 am, by that time I had my fill, not used to the long partying anymore.

But it didn't end there. Saturday night was my company's end of year party. You know who had to be there! Free food, free liquor, gift for being early, a chance to win the gate prize in the thousands and the opportunity to mingle with the hotties is the company! I had to be there....even though I had work at 12:00 midnight. Anyway I arrived at about 7:15 and I got my early gift! Unfortuneately, I didn't win any of the gate prizes, 3 other people got my money...damn it! I Sampled some whole heap a food. I ate for 3! But I had to, because any good drinker knows you can't drink liquor on an empty stomach. And drink I did! Well not too much, just about 4 heavily laced mixed drinks. But just when the dancing began, you know who had to leave for work. Next year I'll ensure I won't have work! But overall, I enjoyed myself, got to hangout with coworkers outside of the work environment, got to meet coworkers that I only talk to on the phone but never knew how they looked and of course I got to meet some hotties!

I hope you all got a chance to enjoy your weekend. Now I feel like I'm in the mood for an adventure trip. I am thinking about going to Chukka Cove adventures. I'll let you know how that goes.

So It's Monday morning and the beginning of the most hectic week of the year. Yes the week of mad shopping and intolerable congestion on the roads of Kingston...well not for me, I'll be staying clear of the hustle and bustle as much as possible. With this time of year in mind: I received some comics from one of my coworkers, being the kind person I am (wink), I have decided to share them with you. So over the course of the week I will post a comic. They are entitled Seasonal Comics. I will be posting one every day for this week with my posts or by themselves. So to start off your week on a funny note here is the first of the series.

Seasonal Comics No. 1

Friday, December 16, 2005


At last the pressure is off for a couple of weeks! No school after work, no studying, no projects, no assignments...NO SCHOOL! I felt so free after Wednesday, I can just imagine how I will feel after the whole course is finished.

The exam on Wednesday wasn't too bad...much better than the math exam. I didn't get to finish all the questions. However, I did 3 complete questions and started the 4th, so it wasn't too bad. I also have a good course-work for this subject. I definitely felt much better after doing this exam than how I felt after the math. Hopefully, I pass the math though...(sigh).

So I was thinking, "What am I going to do with the time I have?" Well I have a few things in mind:
  1. PARTY!!!
  2. Finish the new website.
  3. Head to Portland and soak up some sun and salt water on the beach and nyam (eat) some Boston Jerk Pork.
  4. Sleep.
  5. Work out at the gym more often.
  6. Blog more.
  7. PARTY!!!!...oh I said that before, didn't I?

Yep that's basically the plan for the next 2 weeks or so. I will be on a one week vacation from work just after boxing day, so I will use that time to enjoy myself and relax a bit. I can just see myself sippin' on a glass of ice cold lemonade (well limeade actually).

The beach has been on my mind of late and hence the picture on the post. I took this picture in Ocho Rios earlier this year. I can almost smell the sea and hear the gentle waves caressing the white sand beaches as the bright sunlight reflects of the crystalline blue waters of the Caribbean sea. So I'm leaving this picture with you all for the weekend. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Another Random Blogging

Miss Jamaica World 2005

Congratulations Karelle Griffith, Miss Jamaica World 2005 on your accomplishment! Karelle was placed among the top 15 selected from the selected 101 beautiful women in the 2005 Miss World competition.

This is also a major accomplishment for black women who choose to wear their hair natural. It is the first I'm seeing a dark skinned, (kinky) natural hair girl win the Miss Jamaica World Competition. It has been, mostly, the slim, brown skinned, long hair, small ass women that get the crown. I guess the judges and my fellow Jamaicans are finally getting the picture that black is beautiful. Yes it seems we are finally seeing that a woman with curves, round ass, dark skin and natural afro hair is beautiful. Now it's up the the rest of the world, who worship the white, skinny, no ass, European figure to see the light.Well she did not get any of the major prizes, but being placed in the top 15 is a good thing. And Jamaica can be proud of that


I received a link to a website, Firestream. This site streams live feed from several stations including TVJ, CVM and Hype TV. So if you want to keep in touch with Jamaican news, programmes and entertainment this website is for you. The streams seem to work only for Internet explorer though. I think this is a good idea, now I can watch the news at work or watch some music videos on Hype TV in the nights when I'm on the night-shift.

Here is the link

Exam Still On My Mind

I am still under the stress of exams. I have one more exam to do on Wednesday. And as usual I can't get myself to study, what the hell is wrong with me? Is it just me alone who can't buckle down and do some serious studying for the impending exams? I will be on a two day vacation as of tomorrow, I will use them to study for my exam. Hopefully I will do better on this one. My soul won't be at peace until I find out the results of the math course...well, until I find out if I passed. It's the first since 2n'd form and 6th form of high school that I am actually having such a problem with math. I was really weak in math until 3rd form, then I saw the light and I started to understand certain things, suffered a setback in sixth form and then recovered. It might just be a phenomenon that occurs every number of years. Hmmm...

Well people, won't be back until Wednesday after my exam or Thursday after the hangover. Likkle more.

Friday, December 09, 2005

2006 Honda Civic - My Car of The Year!

Yes finally the civic has been reinvented! This is now my new dream car. I never thought I would want a Civic over an Accord. But the 2006 Honda Civic has certainly sunk roots into my dreams.

It seems that I'm not the only one who is impressed with this new Civic. This car has been so impressive that it has claimed for itself the 2006 Motor Trend Award. The first time Honda has received this prestigious award. This is no ordinary feat as the magazine tested 28 newly designed models before honoring the Civic, the largest field of candidates the magazine had considered in the award's 57-year history. The Civic out ranked other models such as the Lexus GS, Mazda5 and the Mercedes-Benz CLS. You can read the CNN article here.

The 2006 Civic boasts a new radical design (view the sedan and Si coupe) that is truly a work of art and personifies what style is. Apart form being much more spacious it has an interior that will certainly keep you in your car a lot longer and a beautiful dashboard that you can't help staring at. But it is not just pretty looks! The new Civic has finally got a bigger engine, 1800cc in the regular model and a 2 litre engine and a 16-Valve DOHC i-VTEC, 197 horse power in the Si model.

Great going Honda! This is one car I definitely would love to own... (sigh) ...only if I had the money!

Have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mi Still Deh Bout!...The After-Math

Mi still deh bout!
I know I have been away from the posting (thanks for the reminder Dr.D) or even reading my daily digest of blogs. But yes as you guessed it I have been under a lot of pressure. Well, I know I haven't been studying as hard or as much as I used to...or should. But I think I lack interest in what I am doing at school, but I just need that piece of paper so I can get a better job and improve my life somewhat.

Well, one exam is down. The after-Math soaks in. Engineering Mathematics! Damn it, that was a fast ball, lick mi clear. Stumps flying all over the place! The exam wasn't hard, but I just had to find some way to frigg it up. I went blank for the first hour and was in total disarray. Then by the time I got back on track time was on my heels. So I am praying for at least a pass...Please dear Lord, give me a pass, just a pass....please! So I'm just taking a break from the studying tonight after my traumatic ordeal this afternoon. Now I have one more exam, was scheduled for this Friday, but my fellow classmates were fortunate enough to get the date changed to next week Wednesday. Thank God! Hopefully I will do better on this one.

So this evening after cussing out myself I decided to do some more work on my website. Yep I am still in the process of finishing the site. This site will display my photographic side...or lack thereof. The pictures are all taken in Jamaica and hence the name of the site, "Scenes of Jamaica". I have finished setting up the URL and the website hosting. The URL is At the moment there is just a coming soon page with a link to the old site. I hope you all will support my site just as how you have supported Stunner's Affliction. Thanks for all the support, fo real.

Over the next few days I will spend some time trying to catch up with all of your blogs. And of course I will still be studying. Any stay cool until I post again...which might just be soon.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Kingston Sunset

Who says Kingston can't have a beautiful sunset? I took this picture a few evenings ago. Was really frassed and needed a break, went on my balcony and caught site of this beautiful sunset. So being an aspiring photographer, I just had to take a snap! More photos like this will be displayed on my site that I want to launch by January. I will finish it up after my exams, so you can look out for that.

Just wanted you all to know mi still deh bout. Under the exam stress. All my coursework are in, so now I need to focus on my finals. As a result I may not post anything more until next weekend.

Anyway my fellow Bloggers and Bloggets, enjoy the picture and the weekend.