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Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Jamaican Link-up!

La Kabana was the place to be last nigh if you were a Jamaican Blogger. Liquor, finger food and nuff chatting and laughing. I finally got to meet some of the person's behind the blogs last night. Mad Bull, Scratchie, Dr. D, Shotta M and Cali J. Didn't get to meet Owen, I heard he had to leave early and hence, left before I arrived. I didn't get to meet Angry Dog either, I heard he had an emergency to deal with...(won't ask what that was). Mi a bun Fyahh fi Angry Dog since he was the first one to request a link-up!

You may have noticed that there are no females in the picture...nor have I made mention any thus far. I have always been proud to say that Jamaican women are the best because they stand by their men...well last night I had to eat my words and lapped my tail. We were abandoned by our female bloggers...WHHYYY?????

Unlike Dr. D, I didn't know anybody personally until I got to La Kabana. It was a good thing that everyone was there, all I could do is to look for a bunch of people by the bar. Overall, the night was a good night. Decent link-up wid nuff vibes...(despite the women abandoning us). It was good to meet some of my fellow bloggers, maybe we can do this again sometime.

I can't post much more at the moment because I'm heading to Portland. I will read and comment on your blogs when I come back. I will try to get some good pictures to share with you. Off to Portie!!!

13 commented:

Good to have met you Stunner.

Off to I envy you. Drive safe and remember to buy some Blueberry Hill Jerk Pork on de is one of the rules of a Portland trip for me.

Just in case you nuh deh 'bout before, Happy New it up anyway you want rude bwoy.

Imagine! No women. What a sinting.

Portland? One of my favourite places on earth. Say hi to the blue sea for me.

sorry to hear bout the women missing.Hey Stunner,I dunno why you going the gym-you look fine to me

Yo was a good link up. We have to get one going next christmas for real. Hope you take in the New Year nice.

What a nice looking group of gentlemen!!

Wow I wish I was there to celebrate with you guys.

Enjoy Portland.


My first thought when the pic came up was, "Wow, a bunch of good looking Jamaican men! Hey, where are the girls?" LOL

Have a safe and fun trip!

Btw, who's who in the pic??

which one of these hansome fellas is you stunner? i think maybe is the picture taking that scare the women an them...

ok i just checked dr.d blog so i know what you look. ;o);o)

Abeni, pictures can be deceiving. I am not overweight, but I do have a lot of unwanted fat to get rid off and I want to pack on some meat.

Now you know how I look Smallislandgirl.

Shellp P, on the pic is Mad Bull, Dr.D, CaliJ, me, ShottaM and Scratcie

Looks like yall had alot of fun! Well have to do that in Texas, too

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