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Friday, November 30, 2007

Whoii Cowl a Bite Mi Shut!!!

Yes, I said it, cold a bite mi! As I stepped out of the airport the cold of late autumn was there to greet me with wide open arms! Not even in my freezer of an office, compares to the cold I feel while I am here. I haven't done anything so far since I came up here apart from trying to stay warm and eat all the food I can't afford when I'm on the Rock! But I have mustered up the courage to head out into the cold, so tomorrow I'll be on the road to soak in some of the frigid weather. Yeaahhh!

No I'm not out of my mind to be freezing my ass of in New York, instead of relaxing in the warm sun on the beach in Jamaica. But you only live once, and I have been on the beach countless times, but I have never been in New York in the cold time, so it's a new experience. At least I can write this down in my book of experiences, although I doubt I'll get to see snow. I really wanted to see snow though, but trying to get a cheap ticket with the vacation schedule at work later in the year was impossible. But I hope to make th best of my cold NY vacation! Anyway likkle more, mi gone unda mi blanket and comforter!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Off to NY!... I Think?

Yes you read right! I'm on vacation and it's off to the Big Apple to feel what real cold feels like!... Well so I thought. I was supposed to be in the air right now, as I had booked a ticket for the 8:30 am flight, but instead I'm at my home on my computer blogging at 9:16! Why? Because of dutty tinking Air Jamaica! One again those bastards delayed my flight, so now my 8:30 am flight is not leaving until 2:30pm! And they didn't even have the decency of calling to let one know the flight would be delayed! I know i should have checked the status, but come on it's Air Jamaica, so I was expecting a delay of an hour or two, but not for 6 hours on a morning flight! So thanks to dutty late bug Air Jamaica I had to drive all the way back home. Now I need to get some sleep, going to bed at 2:00 am and waking up by 5:00 am takes a toll on ones body. I checked in nonetheless, so it shouldn't be that bad when i get back to the airport. Hopefully that dutty airline don't delay the flight again!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Money Wars - Cash Plus vs Commercial Banks

It seems the hottest topic in the news here in Jamaica is the financial civil war that has erupted in the past few weeks! It is such a hot topic that it has even almost overshadowed the Local Government Elections that will be held shortly.

Of late many more ordinary Jamaicans have opted to invest their hard earned money in high yield alternative investments schemes in a bid to earned tangible interest on their principals. One of such investment companies, is the locally popular Cash Plus Limited. This investment company is one of several high yield investment companies that have been termed as risky and unregistered investments entities by the local commercial banks. But why have the ordinary Jamaican, despite the many warnings, leave the apparent safety of the commercial banks to gamble their hard earned money in such risky investments?

Well, my answer is just a layman's answer, not the reliable comments of a financial analyst. Times are hard, many Jamaicans are grossly underpaid, inflation is growing at an alarming rate, the dollar is devaluing every day and the same commerical institutions are offering little or no help to the ordinary Jamaican. But why would I say the commercial institutions are not helping? Well if we compare the the interest charged on loans with the interest paid on savings, there is no wonder why the top management of such banks can get seven digit salaries while your money seems to be growing only from your own input. I may be corrected on this, but the average interest paid on savings rarely goes above six percent per annum, while the interest charged on an ordinary almost never fall below seventeen percent per annum. There is no wonder why an interest rate of ten percent per month would seem attractive enough to take a risk!

As a result, many Jamaicans have taken the leap of faith and have been withdrawing their savings and deducting from their monthly commercial bank savings to take a leap of faith and invest in Cash Plus. This has definitely not gone down well with the leading commercial banks which have launched an all out assault on these alternative investment options, including the famed Cash Plus! It seems the commercial banks attacks started with harsh warnings to the public, which escalated into pressuring the government to act, however, these actions have seemed to do little to quench the publics fire for Cash Plus. This would not deter the banks as the have resorted to dishonoring checks to and from institutions such as Cash Plus and OLINT, considering closing the accounts all accounts relating to these "unregistered institutions" and reports are that they have even gone as far as threatening their own staff if they are found to be investing in entities such as Cash Plus. However, Cash Plus has been vigorously attempting to assure its investors that this latest move by the banks will no bring the company and its subsidiaries down, through the printed media and mass meetings and have begun to explore other means of paying their investors their returns. [read story]

Who will win this war? Will the banks succeed in bringing down these investment companies, or will companies like Cash Plus and OLINT grow ever stronger? Will the banks actions reestablish themselves as the investment option of choice or will their actions bring an unwanted backlash? As the missiles fly across the battle field, only time will tell. What are your thoughts on this financial war?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pull It Up! - "Flex (Time to Have Sex)"

Yes my friends it's that time again for Pull It Up! I pulled this one from deep in the archives. this tune was the adolescent male theme song for the girls when I was in my teens! Flex (Time to Have Sex) by Mad Cobra! I hope you enjoy it!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

KRW'07: Stunner Does Rib Kage!

Click on the image to enlarge.

As I said in my post about Kingston Restaurant Week 2007, I will be treating my pallet to the offerings of one of these participating restaurants during the course of the week-long celebration of the city's culinary creations. As I also expressed before, being an underpaid employee...well I actually said, " bruck pocket", I would definitely not be going up to the Delectable group of restaurants. So I decided to stretch the credit card and try out one of the Savory meals. The restaurant of choice was Rib Kage Bar and Grill. Maybe not one of the big time sit down and dine in places, but hey I've never been there before so I decided to try it.

The ambiance was very relaxed and the air was filled with the chatter of patrons as the converse and enjoyed the offerings to the pallet. So it was pretty decent where atmosphere and the staff was concerned, so now it was time for the real deal, the food! After receiving the menu, I didn't have to look too hard for what I wanted to order, as there was a special menu enclosed for Kingston Restaurant Week (KRW). Well, it's not like I really had to look for what I want anyway, because if anyone has heard about Rib Kage they know it's all about the ribs baby! However, the KRW menu didn't only have Ribs, it also had three other choices for the main course, two choices of desserts and the soup of the day as the appetizer along with a complimentary cocktail.

To start things off it was the appetizer and appetizing it was! It was a tasty bowl beef soup with the right amount of pepper! This set the stage for the main course and also kicked off a burp or two. Well since Rib Cage is famous for their BBQ ribs, that's what I decided to order. So I had the Half rack Rum Glazed Baby Back Ribs along with a side dish of vegetable rice and coleslaw. I must admit, the BBQ ribs was certainly pleasing to my pallet and the ample size of the serving would certainly impress any hungry Jamaican! With that devoured it was time to sample the tasty dessert. I had the Double Chocolate Brownie A la Mode, rich chocolate brownie smothered with sweet ice cream, topped with a cherry... Yum! My experience of KRW at the Rib Kage was definitely a pretty decent one and I would certainly sample their menu again!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This is Just Crazy!

This is one market I won't be going to at all!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Kingston Restaurant Week 2007

Image taken from KRW website

Once again it's that time for lovers of fine dining to treat their palates to the exquisite tastes of Jamaican and international dishes temptingly prepared and garnished. Yes folks it is the third staging of the Kingston Restaurant Week (KRW). The event commences on Saturday November 10 and will end on November 17.

What exactly is Kingston Restaurant Week? Well, during this special celebration of the capital city's top class restaurants put out their best and cook to impress. But that's not the only highlight of this special occasion, as locals and visitors alike can sample scrumptious, delectable three (3) course meals at Kingston's top-a-top restaurants for a reduce cost! There are three price categories in which different participating restaurants are grouped: Tasty for $JM1100, Savoury for $JM1300 and lastly Delectable for $JM2500.

I have never indulged in KRW before, but I plan to this year, as it is a very good chance for me to enjoy some of the food the elite of the Jamaican society take for granted. I doubt I will be going up to the Delectable dishes but at least I will try to enjoy one of the other categories, depending of the credit card strength (Yuh can guess weh bruck pocket Stunner going head!). And of course you know I will certainly report on my experience at whichever restaurant I decide to visit. If you are interested in sampling some of these restaurants and want to know the list of restaurants participating and their categories click here.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Who Seh Big Man Don't Cry?

Picture taken from The Gleaner 20071107

There is a popular saying that men should be tough and show no signs of weakness by crying. In other words, "Big man don't cry". But Kern Spencer, the former PNP Junior Minister, now member of Parliament wept openly in yesterday's sitting of the House of Representatives. The PNP has found itself at the helms of yet another scandal involving the wanton spending of taxpayers money. At the time Mr. Spence was the Junior minister in the Ministry of Technology and Commerce, which was headed by Phillip Paulwell, otherwise known as Baby Paulwell due to his constant fumbling and trails of mismanagement and scandals.

According to The Gleaner, the JLP has revealed that under the former ruling party it cost Jamaican taxpayers some JM$276.5 Million to distribute 4 million free light bulbs donated by the Cuban government. The JLP has launched an investigation into the issue by the Contractor General and Auditor General and has even suggested that the fraud Squad be incorporated which would make the issue a criminal investigation. It seems Mr. Spencer wanted to say something in his defense of the defense of his Ministry and Party when the charges were being thrown at him by the Minister of Energy, Mining and Telecommunications, Clive Mullings. However his was muted by the opposition party secretary several times, and that seem to triggered this outburst, or should I say pouring out of emotions. [Read the story here]

It will be interesting to see how this will play out. Will there be criminal charges? Is this just the beginning of the exposure of the corruption that was entrenched in the former ruling party? Does this mean that the new ruling party will be any better? Or will we see more bawling in the house of Parliament? Only time will tell!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Pull It Up! - "Champion"

As you all know from my posts about Good Times and Yesterday that I am a fan of the 90'a music. Don't get me wrong, I do listen to some of the recent Dancehall songs and actually enjoy quiet a few. But to me the 90's were the best years in Dancehall! Maybe it kind of brings back that nostalgic feel of when I was in my teens and in high school. Aaahhhh yes, the days without stress. But I think I like them more that the songs these days, because the 90's songs to me were the "wine up pon gyal" (No disrespect to the ladies) music!These days when you go to an ordinary session it is common to see groups of males dancing with each other as they try to show off how good the can handle the latest moves. While the women are by themselves dancing. I'm not saying that there are not instances where men and women are dancing and gyrating on each other, but just too much dance moves and division between the sexes. An yuh know Stunner nuh inna the bag a man ting! But Good Times, Yesterday and Mellow Vibes are my kind of parties! Why? Because the play those 90's songs that you can certainly wine up on someone of the opposite sex to. Yeah the good music and the good vibes.

Well all that blabber was just to set the tone for the post. I have decided to pull up some of these songs from back in the days in what I call Pull It Up posts where I will feature the video of one of these popular 90's hits. This is the first of such posts and the song I chose to start things off is Champion (Remix), by Buju Banton. It was released was released in 1995 on Buju's 'Til Siloh album and was one of my favorite songs on that album. I hope you enjoy it and have a good weekend!