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Friday, March 30, 2007

Recap Time

Forgive me fellow bloggers, it has been a week since my last post...heh, heh, heh, sounds almost like a Catholic confession. I know I have been scarce for some time now, yes the pressures of school and work are getting the better of me. I hardly have time to scratch my head and when I do get time I am not really in the mood to blog, I feel so tired and brain dead.

The Hell...I mean...School Scene
I had my mid-semester exam last Thursday, I' m surprised that I actually felt like I pass the exam with a decent grade. I hope my feelings become a reality! Why am I so surprised? Well this is the subject I feel the 'dunces', if there is such a word. Up to two days before this exam I had not a clue of what I was doing or how to approach a problem. It is surprising what one can learn in two days when ones ass is under fire! Now I just need to finish up some assignments and start beating it for finals. Final exams, are just three weeks away, so I have to get some serious work done! Just a couple assignments, exams and major project stands between me and freedom!

I finally took some time out to go see the movie 300. I must say I feel satisfied spending the money for the movie tickets and refreshments! The movie was great! Despite the slow start, it certainly picked up and gave a raw, action-filled, blood-letting, limb-severing performance! I couldn't afford to watch a movie like this on a bootleg CD (not saying I watch bootleg CDs) on my small screen! A movie like this is best seen on a large cinema screen with surround sound and a nice female cringing on your arm! On another note those Spartans motivate me to head to the gym, I want to look like them! If yuh nuh watch it yet yuh missing something! [Stunner's Rating: 4.5 out of 5]

Oh Snap!
I have been snapping away with my camera and I have consistent in posting photos to my photoblog, and have posted almost 30 photographs so far. I hope to get a tripod too so I can take better photos in low light. You all can check it out and see what my camera and I have been up to. I have also noticed that another photographer by the name of Scratchie has created his photoblog and has been posting some great pictures too.

Anyway, this is just a quick line, can't tarry too long I have some blogs to read!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Live Red?

I have noticed how Red Stripe the great Jamaican Beer Company has become responsible, and are now encouraging people to "be responsible, drink responsible". I do applaud them for encouraging responsible drinking in their ads, but I'm a but confused. Why? Well Red Stripe has embarked on a new marketing campaign with the slogan "Live Red". Well you may think of it as a great idea, since the colours of the Red Stripe include red it is fitting to have that tag line. Well I can see a different side of this slogan.

In Jamaica a popular slang for someone who is under the influence or drunk, is nothing other than "red"! "Yuh did red a di session last night mi yute." and "Yow yuh look red mi yute." are two example of the word red being used to describe someone who has had a little much...or too much to drink. So could Red Stripe be subliminally telling people to enjoy themselves by drinking large quantities of their product? Are they trying to encourage the lifestyle of drinking beer till you are drunk (red) when you go out?

If this is so, how can they be encouraging people to drink responsibly but at the same time encouraging people to live "red"? Isn't this being hypocritical? Is it just a front, or to sedate their conscience for telling people to get drunk drinking beer, by telling us to drink responsibly?

Well, they may just be using this slogan to promote their beer out of innocence as the colour red is used on their product. Maybe, but isn't the spin I took on this promotion though provoking? Maybe?

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Not much to blog about, the same ol' unexciting tings happening in my life at this point. this is primarily due to the confinement I put myself into when I foolishly decided to go back to school. I'm so pressed for time, I still feel dunce, and nothing at school seems to be going well at all! I can't wait to finish this hell and pass everything with good grades so I can close that horrid, boring, stressful chapter in my life.

Speaking of school, I hope Leon doesn't mind this, but I saw Leon at school today and I must say I don't understand how that young man learns anything at school. The yute have some breed a hot gal inna him class deh! Lawd a mercy! The girls in his class look hot nuh ra..! As a result I am currently in earnest dialogue with the lecturer to allow me to join the class on a part-time basis (or even permanently!).

The first match in the historic, well for the Caribbean, ICC World Cup bowled off to a fine start and the West Indies team did not disappoint their fans (wah a guh done!) by beating Pakistan at the Sabina Park. I must say the Sabina Park doesn't look too bad on TV, well that's as close as I'll get to seeing the refurbished sporting facility. But the Local Organizing Committee, dubbed the LOC, didn't do a bad job of getting thing ready for the event. So much so that they actually got a thumbs up with only a few criticism from the Major of Kingston and St. Andrew, Major Desmond McKenzie, suh yuh know dem do a good job!

I have been keeping up my new photoblog and have posted consistently everyday since I posted my first picture. I have had a lot of motivation to continue by the wonderful comments that are left on my blog and also by Owen who threatened to call me "MadStunner" if I failed like the Mad Bull at my attempt to post a photo everyday. I doubt I'll run out of pictures as I take so many photos on a daily basis. The only problem is to choose which one to post! I have posted what i think is my best photograph so far, you can view it by clicking here.

Enjoy your weekend and I'll try to find out what's being going on in your neck of the woods buy visiting your blogs.

Friday, March 09, 2007

My New Dream Car - 2006 Euro Accord!

This is absolutely my new dream car, the 2006 Euro Accord! I just love the look of this car! It has all the features of the ordinary 2006 Accord, but with a better design. You can read one of the reviews here. I need to have this car. So I'm now accepting donations to the Get Stunner His Dream Car Fund.
I took a look in todays Star and say this headline, "Razr for gay favour"! This homosexuallity thing is really getting worse in Jamaica! It seems a man and a youth was caught in a bathroom in a compramising position and according to the article the teen was working for his Razr. What has sweet seet Jamaica come to!

On another note, you may recall my last post regarding my new photoblog, well I have managed to post a new photograph every day so far! I have been inspired by the feats of the Mad Bull who embarked on a drive to post a photo in his blogs every day. And since I enjoy photography so much and have several photos in my stock pile, cause di one Stunner takes on average two photographs per day, why not post them! So you can check out my collection so far.
Have a wonderful weekend people!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I have renamed and moved my photoblog 'Exotic island Photos'!

Visit the new photoblog at

Or you can find out why I made the change here and then visit the new photoblog.

I'll try to post a new picture as often as possible, hopefully evey day. So feel free to check out my new photoblog 'My World My Lens' and leave your comments!

If you're still interested and have not done so yet, you can check out my previous post below.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Oh My, Not Just Another Sweet Eye-Candy!

Hail up all in Blogsville! I have been on the busy side and will continue to be busy as a bee until the end of the first week of May. Lawd I can't wait for that time! Can you say vacation, party and nuff idleness! But until then I am under the stress of assignments, classes in which I'm not learning sh.., major project and the threat of failure. So the struggle continues.

On the hoe (correction: that should have been home - thanks Dr.D) hunting front, I am still searching to find a comfy place that I can call home for at least two years, I man tired a this hunting and moving thing. So I'm still in the stress of the hunt. hopefully I'll find somewhere really tomorrow!

Until then I'll have to stay strong and ease my mind by drooling, uh....I mean admiring this extremely sexy female! All the curves and lady lumps in ample proportion and all in the right places, just the way I like it! Coca-Cola Bottle Shape! Lawd have mercy! Ms. Bria Miles certainly got it good!

I'll try to browse through your blogs during the week when I have the time. Anyway, likkle more peeps!