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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Exploration Jamaica: Castleton Gardens

I have decided that this summer I should visit as much of the attractions this beautiful island of Jamaica has to offer. Why? Well I believe that as a citizen of Jamaica I should know as much of the island as I can, and since the counties landscape is so beautiful and diverse it would be wonderful to enjoy the many wonderful places scattered across the island. Also it would allow me the opportunity to revel in my new found hobby, photography due to the abundance of photo ops that would present themselves as I journey across the island! And last but not least, I will be totally finished with school in a couple of weeks when I do my final presentation and hand in the paper for my major project, so i need to relax and enjoy myself a bit.

This will not be an easy task despite the relative small size of the island, as I have a regular 9-5 job... well not exactly 9-5 as I work shift, so lets just stay at employed full-time and the escalating gas price. Nonetheless, I intend to explore the island during the course of the summer and visit some of the known well attractions that I have not been to like, Lover's Leap, YS Falls, Summerset Falls (yes I haven't been there although I'm from Portland), and also the almost unknown attractions hidden all over the island. So I have a lot of places to visit this summer.

I have already started the ball a rolling, yes nah hesitate at all! Last week Tuesday I loaded up my camera and my gas tank and headed up to the hills! I was on my way to Catstleton Gardens nestled in the mountains that extend to the parish of St. Mary. I have always driven past Castleton Gardens on my very frequent trips to Portland, but had never taken the timeout to stop and explore the park. So I made it my mission to go there and explore! It was nice, not a garden with a lot of flowers, but it certainly had a lot of greenery and lush vegetation all around. Castleton Gardens, is the kind of place that you would just go to relax on a Sunday afternoon with your family or friends and have a nice picnic. I enjoyed the time I spent there, even though I didn't do much more than walk around and take pictures. but it was relaxing nevertheless. There is a soup man on the road side right beside the parking area, him mek a wicked piece a soup deh, with chicken foot and corn! If you go to Castleton, make sure you buy a cup.

You must be wondering where are the picture? Well I have posted them on my photoblog, my World My Lens, and also here are the thumbnails below, you can click on them for the larger picture. I will be posting some more during the course of the week.

Where will I be heading next? I have no idea, but stay tuned for more in the Amazing Island Exploration of the Stunner!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spiderman Returns...Again!

The Web swinger is back in the cinemas and so are the throngs of Spiderman Fans, almost 3o Million of them! I too was looking forward to the movie and the trailers I had seen had certainly contributed to my youthful enthusiasm! I had decided that this is not a bootleg watch at home movie (not that I bootleg movies and go home and watch them), but it was one deserving of the big screen money! However, I was not excited to the point where I would bomb rush the Carib 5 the first week much more the first day of the movie, oh no Stunner much more smarter than that. One of my coworkers wasn't so smart and gave in to his anticipation only to be disappointed when he arrived there all gleaming in anticipation only to hear that the movie has been sold out. So I patiently waited until week three of the movie, by that time the movie is still warm and I can get a decent middle row seat, even it I arrive close to the start of the movie.

I wasn't disappointed at all with the movie, I enjoyed every moment of of it! Maybe it's because I do not really go to the movies expecting too much, based on the hype surrounding the movie. I go to see the action, a little story line and a few laughs now and then and Spiderman 3 certainly delivered. In this third instalment of the Spiderman series, Spidey found himself with three villains, one of which came around and actually helped our webbed friend to defeat the other two. Although I kinda find it corny that Mary Jane ends up being the damsel in distress once again, I still didn't mind it at all as the action was still good. Overall I'm satisfied with the movie and didn't regret spending the money for two tickets. Yes two tickets! What do you expect, the Stunner go to a movie by himself? Please! You may have noticed that I haven't given you much of a summary of the movie, well that's because, you should go watch it! [Stunner's Rating: 4 out of 5].

I have noticed something about the releases this summer and I wonder if you have noticed. What is it? Well Spiderman 3, Shrek The Third, 28 Weeks Later, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Hostel Part II, Ocean's Thirteen and Die Hard 4....yes Die Hard 4! What the hell is this Summer of Sequels? Is it that Hollywood is lacking in originality, the are just riding on the success of the original movies or are they just getting plain lazy? Well whatever the reason, we certainly have a lot of following up to do with all these sequels being released this summer! Enjoy yourselves at the movies this summer, part II, part III, part...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Is It Pointless?

So I've been doing some thinking lately, and one of my thoughts had to do with my obsession with attaining my dream body. Yes, you all know what I want, well defined chest, killer arms like guns, a well sculpted body overall and of course abs of steel! I will admit that I don't go to the gym for only that vain reason, or to look at hot well shaped and tones chicks scantily clothed sweat or to hook up with them. I do go to stay healthy, to keep my body in prime functional mode, prevent myself from being overweight and suffering from several related diseases and to relieve stress especially after work! But all that shit is secondary right now, I want to look freaking hot! I want to be so hot that when the women see me the rip off their clothes and stare in awe as the feel the temperature rise through their bodies! Yeah that kinda hot!

But then I think to myself, all this vain goal, is just a striving after the wind, a useless struggle, a pointless en devour. Why? Old age, yeah that inevitable fact of life that none of us can escape. The thing is, all this working out and exercise is slowly changing my body, and I emphasize on slowly. So I figure at this rate I'll have something close to my dream body in a few years...a few years older. When i do get something close to my dream body, how long will it last? I'm still going to get old, my metabolism is going to slow down and the belly will return with a vengence! All this firm hard muscles adorned with taunt smooth skin will soon bow to old age and be replaced by weak muscles entangled in shriveled, wrinkled skin. The gray hairs will overwhelm my dark shiny hair of youth and the entire body will begin to weaken. So why should I even bother to torture myself by dieting and exercising to get that hot body, if only to loose it to the ravages of old age in a few years? Doesn't it seem just pointless? Maybe I should just quit and be satisfied with how my body looks and find something else to do with my time.

So why do I continue this painful routine, pack my bag at least three times a week, run on the treadmill, pump, lift and curl several pounds of weights till my arms fall in fatigue, do several crunches till my muscles cry out in pain? Because I still want than damn good ass body! If it's even for one day, to take one photo of myself with that hot get gal body so I can look back in my days of gray hair, wrinkles and arthritis, and say "I used to look like that! Hot nuh rass!" So until I get that body, those killer arms with bulging biceps and triceps, broad muscular chest, strong shoulders, powerful legs and thighs, and abs of steel, sweat will poor like rain, cries of pain inflicted by sour muscles will echo, the clinging of weights will ring out and the intermittent thud of feet hitting a hard surface with punctuate the constant run of the treadmill's motor. Why? Because I want it bad, even if I get old doing it.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Woolmer Guessing Game Continues

Heart attack, poisoned, manual strangulation and now we are back to heart attack! What the hell is this, guess the cause of Woolmer's death? Today in the Sunday Gleaner on the front page there is a story that the famous Scotland Yard detectives have concluded that the Pakistani coach was not murdered, but died from natural causes, a heart attack! What the hell, now we have now gone back full circle. This is in total contradiction to the Jamaican Constabulary Force's conclusion of murder by manual strangulation.

This would be a serious embarrassment for the Jamaican police who after many weeks of investigation, post postmortem, coroners inquest and guesses have confidently proclaimed that Woolmer was strangled. The Jamaican police has not been known as a proficient crime solving entity here in Jamaica and with this release from the world renowned Scotland Yard on this well publicized case the whole world will know how "wutliss" the Jamaican police is!

Then again, could the Jamaican detectives and coroner be right? And Scotland Yard be wrong? Is it there by any remote chance the Jamaican police will come out the victor and be vindicated on the world scene? Well remote, very remote is the operative road, as I doubt very much that the Jamaican police will be correct and even so be anywhere close, even in their wildest dream to find the murderer and solve this case. However, the Constabulary Force have decided to stick by their verdict and continue with their investigation as they are confident that their investigations have proved the cause of death to be murder by manual strangulation. I guess we will just have to sit and wait to see how this plays out.

I may be very critical of the Jamaican police, but that's how I view them based on the number of unsolved murders in Jamaica, the lack of tools to solve crimes, and the general "dunceness" of the average police officer coupled with rampant corruption among its ranks. It seems that neither the police or the politicians are serious about curbing the scourge of crime on this island, despite their "bag a chat". I guess this just highlights the serious condition of the Jamaican police force.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Return of the Stunner

Taah tanataa tadaptada! [Trumpets blowing]
Hail all mi fellow bloggers in Blogland! I are back!

I know it's been a while, but the Stunner had to handle some school business. Yep Exams are over and I'm in the homestretch now. The coursework grades are good and I feel as if I passed the exams. So it's almost over now, just the damn Major Project standing in my way of absolute freedom from that university! I am so happy to be finished with school...well at least for now. The only thing I'll miss are those sexy ass girls especially the ones in Leon's class hehehehe.

Now it's time to get my social life back on track, and considering my somewhat recently unfortunately acquired single status (I won't get into that as my heart is still broken) I have a lot of work to do! So watch out ladies the Stunner is on the prowl and he wants you!

I have settled in to my new apartment pretty well, and in good time. Well I had to settle in quickly as I had exams just a few weeks after moving. I got my internet within a week of moving, but it wasn't used much as I was logging on mostly to my books. I unpacked the last box of books unto my bookshelf yesterday and cooked my first big cooking today. Want to know what Chef Stannerboyarde cooked? Well I made a serious beef lasagna with cheddar, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, steamed string beans, carrots and tin corn in my special butter sauce and some fruit punch to wash it down. See ladies, the Stunner can take care of you! Now I just need to buy a few frames to put up my drawings and photos and a few more little things to set up my bachelor pad! Now hopefully the next time I tell you I'm moving, I'll be moving into my own palace!

For some time now my TV has been showing signs of aging, the picture quality was diminishing and considering I had fixed it once before I decided it was time to upgrade. So to prepare for the idleness that would follow the ending of my studies, I got myself a new TV. I traded in my old 20 inch traditional TV to a 27 inch flat screen, and let me tell you, Serena's ass has never looked bigger! I don't feel bad splurging on the new TV as the old one was donated to me by sister some 5+ years ago when I moved out on my own. And after all a man has got to enjoy some fruits of his labour! Also I got a DVD play as a present, so you know di I inna business!

Don't worry I wont become a cholesterol filled, lazy, blog of a couch potato. I plan to hit the parties and shake my two left feet with the ladies and also I have decided to explore this beautiful country and capture it's breathtaking scenes with my camera. So you'll get my party reviews here and my photos on my photoblog! Also I have only one month to get the official 2007 Summer Body so I can hit the beach, so I have a lot to keep me occupied this summer.

Well enough about me in one post! I have to save some for the other posts. Mi gone find out what you have been up to!