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Monday, August 31, 2009

Chris Brown Shocked with Amnesia!

I was watching on CNN HLN today and say a clip of the Larry King Live, Chris Brown interview and was totally shocked at what Chris Brown was saying! This was the first public interview Chris was giving after his altercation with his then girlfriend Rhianna which send her to the hospital with multiple bruises. This was his chance to tell his side of the story and to salvage his reputation, but his interview responses threw some serious punches. Why?

Larry King: "When you hear all the things the Police and the reports said you did, how do you react to that?"

Chris Brown: "... I just look at it like wow... I'm in shock..."

What the hell! What do you mean by you are in shock? You personally beat a girl to a pulp and then turn around in an interview saying that you are in shock as if you were one of the millions who watched this shocking story on TV! What were you in shock for? That it actually got out on the news? That you got charged and sentenced for beating a woman? What are you in shock? Ratid, I'm in shock that Chris Brown is in shock! But that isn't all, what really took the cake was what happened next!

Larry King: "Do you remember doing it?"

Chris brown: "No."

What the #*#^@&%! What happened Chris Brown, are you suffering from amnesia? You beat beat a woman so bad that she had to go to the hospital and the police had to get involved, you see the incident reported endlessly in the various media and now you all of a sudden forget! Hold on, I wonder if Chris Brown is a drug addict or a serious alcoholic, because he must have been under the influence of some mind altering substance to forget that infamous incident! Oh wait, better yet, maybe it is that Rhianna put on some serious lick (blows) in his head, giving him a concussion, leading to memory loss!

It seems Chris Brown wasn't ready for this interview at all, he should have stayed in hiding a little longer, because his answers to Larry King's questions were very lacking. His publicist and manager need to be fired for letting Chris brown go on big CNN, on a famous show as Larry King Live and chat such rubbish! Not even a little dry run session to prep Chris before so he didn't go on to national TV and further damage his reputation! Despite what might have gone down on the night in question between himself and Rhianna, this bout of amnesia just don't cut it! He just needs to fess up, confess about what happened, offer a sincere apology to Rhianna, go to counseling and try his very best never to let something like that happen again. Join support group or action group against violence against women and re-gain some form of good standing with his fans and the public. But claiming to be shocked and forgetting what he did, nuh mek it (unacceptable). Chris Brown needs to go beat out something better on the drawing board!

Oh before I forget, damn amnesia! Here is the video...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ookkkaayyy Then!

That's what I had to say when I saw the image of Ms. Kitty (AKA Fluffy Diva) on The Star's website as the Hottie Hottie Femme Fashion girl of the day! I know Ms. Kitty as a very self-confident fluffy (Jamaican slang for larger/chubby/fat women) woman. When I went to that section of The Star's website I certainly was expecting to see a picture of Ms Kitty in a swimsuit hanging on to a pole! What do you say: Self-confident or just plain bold? Sexy or tasteless?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Four Year Stunner's Afflictions!!!

Once again, my absentmindedness has led me to forget to commemorate my Bloggerversary! As of August 02, 2009 Stunner's Afflictions is four (4) years strong! Who knew that when I signed up on Blogger and typed those few words that I would be still typing all my foolishness still to waste your time [evil laugh].

I must admit though that I have not been posting as regularly as I once did and I guess that's understandable considering that everything and everyone goes through changes. I have evolved and so has my blog... well somewhat. The good thing though is that I am still blogging and I still have the wonderful support of you my readers.

So now as I am here celebrating the fourth year of my blog, I also take this opportunity to say a big thank you my readers, because without you my constant ramblings would be of no use. I hope I can make it yet to another year and to continue to keep you entertained and in some cases informed.


PS: Since you are the readers, let me know what you like to read about or what you would want to see on Stunner's Afflictions. I post my thoughts and experiences, but you too can make an input. So let me know what's on your mind.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Who said...

... white girls didn't have ass? Saw this girl at the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport on Friday, and immediately went into paparazzi more with my cellphone. Well, I might be wrong and she may have been Hispanic/Latina. Else that would have been a white girl trapped in a thick black girl's or Latina girl's shape! Well: white, Latina, mixed with black, whatever, she has a ratid shape and booty!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


It seems of late that my blog has been converted to a sports blog or an unofficial IAAF World Championship blog! But how could I not blog about this great sporting moment in Jamaica's history? The Jamaica team has certainly been performing well so far in the 2009 IAAF World Championship races so far and today was no exception!

Both our women and men 4x100m team claimed goal today, beating their rival convincingly! there was no doubt that we won those goal, no photo finish necessary! This morning started the day off on a excellent note, our women 4x100m team, comprised of: Simone Facey, Shelly-Ann Fraser, Aleen Bailey, Kerron Stewart claimed the goal medal in 42.06 seconds. Then earlier this afternoon the men 4x100m team, which had the likes of: Steve Mullings, Michael Frater, Usain Bolt, Asafa Powell, took the gold in 37.31. this 4x100m relay was like a replay of the Beijing Olympics last year, a great race to close of the day.

Congrats to the 4x100m teams, and to the entire Jamaica team, who tore up the tracks at the IAAF World Championship!

For those who want to relive or see for the first time here are the races.

Women 4x100m

Men 4x100m

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Am Legend II

No, they are not making a sequel to I Am Legend, but the should, but this time the star will not be Will Smith, but our very own Usain Bolt! What else can we call him? His performance at the 2008 Olympics and now at the 2009 IAAF World Championships, is phenomenal, no, legendary! Another page in history was written by this great track and field author, Usain Bolt, when he snatched... no, when he out-rightly and deliberately, without a shadow of a doubt took the gold medal in the 200m finals! Not only did he just convincingly win the race, but he smashed his own World record that he set a year ago with a winning time of 19.19 seconds! Apart from Lightening all i can think of to call him is Legend!

Continuing with the movie script, I think he can have another costar to the cast and she is none other than Melanie Walker, who won the 400m hurdles with the world's second fastest time! Melanie won the race in a convincing manner, similar to that of bolt way ahead of her nearest competitor in 52.42 seconds, a new championship record. Congrats to Melanie Walker on a stellar performance and for getting a gold medal in a great race.

The Jamaican team is certainly on fire at this World Championships in Berlin Germany! They are certainly there collecting precious metals with a medal standings of 5 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze. Congratulations to all of our winners and the entire Jamaican team. Go team Jamaica, go! I know the I Am Legend II will be a blockbuster, with a stellar cast!

Here are the videos, to relive these great moments!

Bolt 200m Victory

Melanie Walker 400m Hurdles

Man or Woman, Identify Yourself!

That's exactly what the IAAF is saying to Caster Semanya, the eighteen year old winner of the 2009 800m World Championships! The Guardian reports, "The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) yesterday revealed that Semenya has been the subject of a gender verification process both in her native South Africa, and since she arrived in Berlin. The official investigation could take weeks to draw conclusions with an endocrinologist, a gynaecologist and a psychologist all involved." This dark shadow of doubt about the sex of Caster has now come to the forefront since she claimed victory in the women's 800m World Championships well ahead of the other competitors with a Personal Best of 1 minute 55.45 seconds. But why has a major sporting association raised this sensitive and controversial issue?

I only learned about this sensational and controversial athlete on Wednesday night, and had to check this out for myself. At first I thought hey were questioning her gender because she was somewhat muscular, but I was totally amazed... [rephrase] shocked by her photos! No disrespect to this athlete, but I could definitely see why her gender was in question here. I sat there going through several pictures for female traits and I am still looking! Her entire built appears to be male, broad shoulders, tapered stature, no hips, masculine chiseled face and very well defined! The only thing that appears to be missing is the "male package" in the pubic area! I must admit, after going through several photos, I too have raised questions about the sex of Caster Semanya. I have even gone as far as analyzing her name... Cast (h)er, Se(e) men ya(h)!

But putting the crude jokes aside, it must be a very emotional and stressful period for this athlete, in a moment when she and her country should be celebrating a great victory and a milestone in her life and career. Not only is her gender being questioned by curious onlookers, but her gender is being questioned very publicly on the international scene with hints of the possibility of her being stripped of her medal and title. It is not the first time as the Guardian reports, "Semenya's coach, Michael Seme, says he is well used to the commotion. He recalls stopping to use the facilities at a petrol station in Cape Town recently and as Semenya tried to enter the women's toilets, she was stopped by the petrol attendants. "Caster just laughed and asked if they would like her to take off her pants to show them she was a woman,"". Hopefully she can display the same lightheartedness where this much larger issue is concerned. I wish Caster all the best and hope, this is just a case of mistaken identity, that she is actually a "born woman" and that she can celebrate her victory and continue to make strides as an athlete.


Monday, August 17, 2009

100m Domination!

On Sunday August 16 we witnessed Usain Bold strike on the tracks at Berlin by shattering the world record and claiming Gold in the 100m sprint. We also saw Asafa Powell cling on to the bronze as he sealed third place for himself. Today the women took their turn at dominance of the track when they stepped on their mark to determine who will claim the title for the women's 2009 IAAF World Championships. Would our women accomplish a similar feat as did Usain or Asafa?

I am back in Mount Vernon, which means no cable and no means of watching this anticipated race. So I had to settle for the live race updates on the 2009 IAAF World Championships website. So there i was sitting in front of the laptop watching the results as they came in, and so went out cheers of joy as i saw the results pop up in front of my eyes! Shelly-Ann Fraser crossed the finish line with a World Leading time of 10.73 seconds, followed closely by her fellow team mate Kerron Stewart, with her Personal Best of 10.75 seconds! Gold and Silver for Jamaica! It would have been all Jamaican victory, but Veronica Campbell-Brown was denied the third place by Carmeleta Jetter. Nevertheless, it was great race today, with very good results.

Congrats to our female 100m athletes, they all did well today and have added to the proud feeling that Jamaicans all over have been feeling since yesterday. In case you all missed the race, here is the clip of the race that I got view a few minutes after the race.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bolt Lightning!

Once again the man dubbed the fastest man on earth has proven why he got that title and in fine style. On Sunday August 12, 2009 the fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt, sealed his stamp in the book of athletics records when he smashed the World Record to create a new World Record of 9.58! He did this in the 100m Finals of the 2009 IAAF World Championships in Berlin against two of the best in tracks, Tyson Gay and fellow countryman Asafa Powell. No doubt Bold has become even more invincible after this much anticipated showdown between him and the fastest American Tyson Gay, who was hoping to accomplish the impossible task of beating the sprint king Usain Bolt.

Being in the US, I was very nervous that I would miss this big showdown, but the American media made sure they broadcast this race as their top athlete was running the race of his life. The TV was on, the TV tuned to the race station, anticipation filled the room. The anticipations built, not because I was hoping Bolt would beat Gay, I already knew that, but I wanted to see how well he would smash the record. The athletes took their marks, set and with the exploding from the firing of the gun an clean start was made and within seconds, 9.58 seconds to be exact, it was all over! Usain "Lightning" Bolt smashed his own record and wrote a new record in the books. I wasn't expecting a lot from Asafa Powell, but he gave me the brawta I was looking for as he grabbed the third place with a fine run.

Congrats Usain and Asafa on a great victory and I have to congrats Tyson two for a good run and placing second. However, another challenge is brewing, as the 200m race will see Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay squaring off again as they challenge each other for 200m world supremacy. That promises to be another great showdown on the tracks in Berlin. Will there be an upset? Will there be another World Record? Well only August 20 will tell!

If you missed the race or just wanted to relive the moment, here it is!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Orphan, The Ugly Truth

Hi there my readers... well that is if I still have readers, since I haven't posted or visited much blogs lately. Things haven't been all that hectic, but it seems the time just goes by so quickly without me even knowing what I did or when the time went by. One of the few things I have been doing is watching a couple of movies at the cinema and of course I have to give you a run down of the two I watched so far.

The fist was The Ugly Truth, a battle of the sexes romance comedy staring Katherine Heigl who plays Abby Richter, a small network TV producer at the top of her game but not the same in her love life and Gerard Butler who plays Mike Butler who runs a off the wall programme about relationships on a late night cable station. Their worlds collide when they are pitched together to host a programme on Abby's network in a desperate bid to increase ratings. Mike takes on the challenge of helping Abby get her love life on track which leads to quite a few funny moments. The Ugly Truth, although predictable, was a decent romance comedy which is sure to give you a few laughs and won't let you feel bad about going to the Cinema. I give it a Stunner Rating of 3 out of 5.

Last night it was off to the cinema again, but this time it was to watch Orphan. Now this movie was pretty decent, the story line, the suspense and the ensuing terror was just enough to make it a movie worth watching. It started off slow, but I guess that slow start was needed to build up the story and the scenes to follow. The movie is about a couple, John and Kate (Peter Sarsgaard and Vera Farmiga)... no not the same ones from John & Kate Plus 8, these had only two children. However, they have been suffering from the loss of their third child who was a stillborn which has left Kate very fragile since the ordeal and it has been putting a strain on their marriage. In ad effort to move on with her life, save her marriage and appease her young daughter who wants a sister, Kate decides to adopt a daughter from the local orphanage. They find themselves drawn to a very articulate orphan named Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman), who they decide to adopt. However, they certainly were not prepared for what Esther had to offer and the life threatening trouble that was to follow, because there's definitely something wrong with Esther. If you want to go watch a movie with great suspense mixed with terror and a decent plot, then this is definitely the movie to go watch. I recommend this movie for the cinema money! I give it a Stunner Rating of 4 out of 5!

I guess there are a few movies still out there worth going to the cinema to watch.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

What A Gwaan!

It's day four of me being unemployed, it doesn't feel too bad right now, as I feel like I'm just on vacation. However, despite the fact that I plan to enjoy these weeks, I still keep it in the back of my mind that this is not just vacation. Nevertheless, I have been trying to enjoy myself so far, and enjoying these days of freedom... hoping that they won't be too much as I still will eventually need to earn my daily bread. So what have I been up to? Lets recap...

Reggae Falls St. Thomas

On Saturday morning I was awakened by a phone call on my cell, it was my friend asking me if I'm not getting up to get ready for the trip. Yes, it was time for our traditional trip to Reggae Falls in St. Thomas. For several years now my friends and former coworkers make the trek to Reggae Falls for a big cookout in the riverbed and of course some swimming under the falls. So I jumped out of bed and got my self ready and we all headed out to enjoy a day at the river. The trip was great, a good day spent frolicking in the water, eating all kind of food and of course enjoying the company of friends.

On Sunday I had my first photo shoot. I was so excited and anxious about this photo shoot. Being my first, I didn't have much idea of what I was going to do. Furthermore, all I had was my camera and a speedlight on camera. Nevertheless, my model and I went out and made the best of the time as we both were amateurs. I took several photos and got quite a few good shots. I am hoping to get a remote and trigger for my flash and an umbrella set so I can get a bit more creative. I definitely will schedule another shoot when I get the equipment and do a real serious shoot. Sunday night it was time to head out with some friends to Hellshire for an evening of liming, fried fish and festival. It was a great evening, had some conch & crayfish soup, fried parrot fish, festivals and some cold Red Stripe to wash it down. Played some dominoes, chatted and rocked to a great mix of 80's, 90's and lover's rock music. Time certainly flies when you have fun, and by the time we noticed it was midnight. Unfortunately some of my friends have work (hehehe) and we had to leave before the "dashout time" called Preny's on the Beach. The worse thing is that the half naked girls started to come in already, suh yuh know dashout time did ready fi start! But I had to go home to, I didn't pack yet.

[beep, beep, beep] That was the alarm clock, going off at 6:00am on Monday, it was time to get ready to leave. I was so tired, as I only went to bed about 4:30am after packing since about 2:00am. I had an 8:00am flight to New York. So I jumped up and dash into the shower got ready and headed out to the airport. I had already done my Web check in after coming home from Prendy's, so I had up to at least an hour to arrive at the airport. I didn't get breakfast as I expectedAir Jamaica (soon to be Spirit of Jamaica) to be delayed. Surprise! They were on time! I had to run to catch the plane, as my name was being called over the PA system by the time I cleared immigration. So you know who didn't get to grab breakfast and of course Air Jamaica has cut out the warm breakfast they usually served. So all I had to eat was a cup of coffee in a Styrofoam cup and four tea biscuits that they served on the flight. That God it was no more than a thee hour flight!

So now I'm in New York, relaxing a bit, not much plans so far, just relaxing for this first week. I will not be doing much shopping this time for obvious financial reasons. However, I do plan to spend some of my dwindling resources on camera equipment as I am hoping to take my photography to another level... financial level too! I will let you know how that goes. You can check out my latest photos at my flickr page and let me know if they good enough for the money. Now I need to go visit some blogs before I start editing those photos from the shoot. Later mi peeps.