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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bolt Lightning!

Once again the man dubbed the fastest man on earth has proven why he got that title and in fine style. On Sunday August 12, 2009 the fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt, sealed his stamp in the book of athletics records when he smashed the World Record to create a new World Record of 9.58! He did this in the 100m Finals of the 2009 IAAF World Championships in Berlin against two of the best in tracks, Tyson Gay and fellow countryman Asafa Powell. No doubt Bold has become even more invincible after this much anticipated showdown between him and the fastest American Tyson Gay, who was hoping to accomplish the impossible task of beating the sprint king Usain Bolt.

Being in the US, I was very nervous that I would miss this big showdown, but the American media made sure they broadcast this race as their top athlete was running the race of his life. The TV was on, the TV tuned to the race station, anticipation filled the room. The anticipations built, not because I was hoping Bolt would beat Gay, I already knew that, but I wanted to see how well he would smash the record. The athletes took their marks, set and with the exploding from the firing of the gun an clean start was made and within seconds, 9.58 seconds to be exact, it was all over! Usain "Lightning" Bolt smashed his own record and wrote a new record in the books. I wasn't expecting a lot from Asafa Powell, but he gave me the brawta I was looking for as he grabbed the third place with a fine run.

Congrats Usain and Asafa on a great victory and I have to congrats Tyson two for a good run and placing second. However, another challenge is brewing, as the 200m race will see Usain Bolt and Tyson Gay squaring off again as they challenge each other for 200m world supremacy. That promises to be another great showdown on the tracks in Berlin. Will there be an upset? Will there be another World Record? Well only August 20 will tell!

If you missed the race or just wanted to relive the moment, here it is!!!

7 commented:

Well he is a phenomenal athlete.....the kind that comes along maybe once in every century.

I hear of him being referred to as the Michael Jordan of track and field.

As the Highlander always says "There can be only one"

This is his time to shine. But I must admit that I really feel happy for Asafa. He showed us what he's made of. BIG UP to both of them, and the rest of Team Jamaica.

Its incredible bolt is this fast with another WR and was so under the radar until the olympics, with everyone talking about powell and gay. I cant wait to see if he can break 9.4, impossible.

Thanks for posting the video as I didn't get a chance to see it. All I can say is "wow!!"
Congratulations to Usain, Asafa and the rest of the J'can athletes, very proud of them and their achievements. Thanks to Usain too for bringing a sense of fun and light-heartedness to the game.

@charlesmatheson: He is certainly a phenomenal athlete!

@JamaicanDawta: I too am happy for Asafa, it was about time!

@NFL Weekly Predictions: He still has a good few more years in his career, so hopefully he will defy nature and give us an even faster time!

@Jamaipanese: Brap brap!

@Rockaway Girl: glad I could have been of service, to let you view this momentous victory!

Thanks for the visit NFL Weekly Predictions and charlesmatheson!