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Friday, November 09, 2007

Kingston Restaurant Week 2007

Image taken from KRW website

Once again it's that time for lovers of fine dining to treat their palates to the exquisite tastes of Jamaican and international dishes temptingly prepared and garnished. Yes folks it is the third staging of the Kingston Restaurant Week (KRW). The event commences on Saturday November 10 and will end on November 17.

What exactly is Kingston Restaurant Week? Well, during this special celebration of the capital city's top class restaurants put out their best and cook to impress. But that's not the only highlight of this special occasion, as locals and visitors alike can sample scrumptious, delectable three (3) course meals at Kingston's top-a-top restaurants for a reduce cost! There are three price categories in which different participating restaurants are grouped: Tasty for $JM1100, Savoury for $JM1300 and lastly Delectable for $JM2500.

I have never indulged in KRW before, but I plan to this year, as it is a very good chance for me to enjoy some of the food the elite of the Jamaican society take for granted. I doubt I will be going up to the Delectable dishes but at least I will try to enjoy one of the other categories, depending of the credit card strength (Yuh can guess weh bruck pocket Stunner going head!). And of course you know I will certainly report on my experience at whichever restaurant I decide to visit. If you are interested in sampling some of these restaurants and want to know the list of restaurants participating and their categories click here.

16 commented:

Gimme some patties and jerk chicken and I good to go.

I will be out and about tonight wid mi $1300. DI beef pon di front look raw deh doah...We Jamaicans dont do rare(a so it name?)...We do well-done!!!

Have fun & plz post pics of all de food that U sample (if possible), that way ah can enjoy that KRW food vicariously -- thru U.

Nickiesha there is some "rare" that we do, but it would more be along the line of hedonism week ... just saying :P

@Kami: lol, I think I eat too much of that on a regular basis. I need some of these gourmet foods.

@Nickiesha: Enjoy yourself and I hope to read about your experience too. I beg to differ on the beef though, that actually looks more on the well done side due to the whitish colour, as rare beef is more on the red side.

@Melody: I certainly will share the pics with you!

@Bobby: LOL! Kingston Hedonism Week nuh sound like a bad idea!

haha. you betteer state where you got that image before they send me to hunt you down. again.. i'm involved in that lil site but no recognition.. the image on the masthead was actually taken by I :p

will there be scantily clad dancing men?

I'm still keeping a low profile stunner

That sounds good. Are you going to pop the extra 200 for Savoury?

@Taylor: LOL good thing I did! Well, well The Gleaner certainly using up your talent! if yuh think about it, they paying you right? Than means all the recognition gone in yuh pocket lol!

@GC: Dancing half naked men? I doubt Kingston Restaurant Week will have that, but I bet when Bobby hosts Kingston Hedonism Week, he'll dance for you!

@Owen: Man grab that special lady and enjoy some of these delicacies...this is the only time we can get these food at a reasonable rate!

@Justacoocat: I think that's what I am going to do!

I am detoxing this week, and that picture just made me so freakin depressed....

Enjoy the festival

Stunner how tings? How is the photography ting going. Next time you post a food picture make it one of your shots!

I am blowing the bank - I managed to get reservations for Macs for Friday night so looking forward to that!

@Crankyputz: Doh worry, I'll enjoy the food for both of us. lol!

@De Immigrant: You have been scarce star! Yeah, I'm still snapping away with my camera! I will certainly make the next pic I post on KRW my own shot!

@Kingston Girl: Girl you certainly have some serious contacts, because I hear that place booked out from 2 weeks ago!

KG booked on the first day that reservations were open at Macs (which was also the same day that the place booked out)! I learnt my lesson last year...

@Kingston Girl: Good thinking! Have fun and let me know how it went! I went to Rib Kage.