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Friday, December 07, 2007

$10 Wine!

...Cent, 5 Cent, 10 Cent, Dollar
Cent, 5 Cent, 10 Cent, Dollar
Forget the small change give me give money woowine

If anybody lives in the Caribbean or has lived in the Caribbean and is in their twenties or older would remember the Dollar Wine song. How could we forget, especially that part about leaving out the small change and giving the bog money wine! Oh yes, I remember those days. Well, it seems the younger ones these days have found a whole new interpretation and have taken inflation into account with what is now called the Ten Dollar Wine!

According to The Star, they have received reports that female students at some of the high schools in St. Catherine are selling sexual favours to male students starting at an asking price of JM$10. One teacher, interviewed by The Star, said, "I know some of them sell 'wine' for $10, and in other schools they sell it for $50. I know that they charge $100 just to push it in". Yes, these nine to eleven grade young girls are selling their bodies and sexual favours for a s cheap as JM$10 (approximately US$0.14)! [Article]

It seems things are just getting from bad to worse with our youth. These misguided young girls seem to have no pride in themselves and no respect for their bodies as they find it easy to give 'it' up for a few dollars or a ride in the taxi or the front seat of the infamous bashment minibus. I agree that times are hard, but they can't be that hard for these school girls to be offering sexual favours to male students and grown men for little or nothing! Ratid, JM$100, can hardly buy a patty and an box drink much less $10!

Something needs to be done to help these wayward girls. It is easier said than done and no one, two or three plans can solve this problem, but we as a nation need to make a start. I would love to say it starts at home and that the parents of these children need to talk to them, show them right from wrong and instill discipline in the foolish minds of the school girls. But sadly, some of these parents do not know any better or don't even care. The school needs to play a part in helping these young girls to see the value of themselves, to have self worth and pride and also to dicipline these out of control teens. However, the school is severely limited in what they can do where this is concerned as their primary goal academia. And even if the school decided to dicipline these teens, they run the risk of facing the wrath of the teens' family members and eve the same parents that should be working as a team in bringing up these children in the right way. Then we still have to contend with all the negative influences these teems feed on from their environment, entertainment and so called role models. It is indeed a sad state of affairs and a gloom fore gleam into the future of this country.

Maybe we should start a mentorship programme, maybe the schools should offer more guidance as a part of its curriculum and be tougher where discipline is concerned. Maybe, some of these parents need to be counseled and helped to provide the guidance and discipline needed to curb this trend in our girls. maybe we need to get the arm of the law involved. I don't know, but something needs to be done for this trend to stop.

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Jamaica has what? 4 Million people or something, 10-15 girls in the urban area decide to do something stupid, doesn't mean all the girls are doing it. Certainly something needs to be done about these dumb ass bitches, and i say dumb ass bitches without regret, budding porn stars if i say so myself. Counseling will not help these girls though, truth is they probably won't change

Pretty sad state of affairs. Some of my female students would tell me in no uncertain terms that they want older men who could give them cell phones,money,clothes etc. Therefore,they were willing and ready to trade sexual favours for the bling. Tried to get them to place more value on themselves but it's a hard task. Still,we got to try. Won't save all but some will listen.

I read the article myself. Very sad. But we are also partly to blame, as we have cheapened the value of sex. Someone needs to get these hos on the Maury Show.

I remember once, I heard a social worker who worked with children talk about a young woman: "Look at her. Isn't she beautiful? She can be anything. She can be a beauty queen, or a model, or a super model."

I think what it might be is that young women growing up in Jamaica aren't told enough that they are so valuable for more than just their beauty. They get so many images of their worth in wining from videos and magazines, but there's not enough people telling them they can grow up to be scientists and mechanics and politicians and scholars.

@Gordon Swaby: Well, I agree that not all girls are doing it, and it's a good thing that it's not the majority doing it too! Some might not change, but at least we as a society need to try to help.

@Abeni: It is really sad indeed, and you must see it first had considering you have students. Just keep helping as much as you van, i guess that's all we can do appart from locking them in solitary confinement.

@Leon: Yeah, the values we, as older people, display at times only serves to misguide these impressionable youngsters. Maury Show, lol!

@Adrian: lol, I said the same thing!

@Christina: You have a point, we need to show them that they are more than just a good body and pretty face.

ahh.. tis too sad a situation.. dont know their worth. easy money.. quick money.. desparate and depraved men to keep them in business.. its a sad downward spiral with suplyu and demand always being met. i hope it can be stopped. prostitution at such a young age is truely a shame..

btw google needs to cut the bs. where iss the url field for other kinds of bloggers.. smelly google.. smelly move on your part.. i shunnn you for
this. shuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnaaaa

written by taylor2nd

Tragic. These R de circumstances under which so many from our next generation will B conceived. Who convinced those girls that this is their best &/or only option?! Ur suggestion is a practical one: mentors. Now to implement it...


and the dollar value shows that they just don't know their self worth yet..

I think its our generation providing a horrible example for these kids....

i mean if they see mummy and friend on their head winning it up in a club, they figure its A ok....i'm all for dancing and having fun, but there is a line....

Zeen. You mispelt a word in the first paragraph. Should be "big" and not bog....right?

I see u make mention of what the schools can do. Being a teacher, we can do so much and no more but the values have to be instilled @ home. Young raising young. That is the problem. parents dese days havent even found themselves much less to lead dese blind girls.

these young girls haven't grown up with enough supervision. They may have parents in the formal sense but they must hardly see them.

They should try to go to business class at least so that they can price their product better....see school is important, even if you are gonna be a ho....

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I think that they have a good idea of the value of their product. They are just practicing discriminatory pricing. Say they are at school and they want a box drink and lunchtime almost done! They know that all the yutes spend off most of their money, so at that time, they drop the price and make the sale so that they can get what they want. When they go home to their communities and the big man wants a wine, I bet him have to pay all a grand! You can make more money sometimes using discriminatory pricing, especially when, as Shabba Ranking would say, dem cyan done! All when the product done sell, you still have it to sell again! Its all about segmenting your market! Oonoo never do Economics?