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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trip to the Centre of the Island!

Last month I went on my monthly Jamaica W.I./Lovers of Photography Jamaica Flickr group trip which took me along the south coast and into central Jamaica. I always like to go on the Flickr group trips as apart from getting to indulge in my photography passion, I get to explore this island I call home and with a fun crowd of people with similar interest. It is amazing how little of this island I know in all the almost thirty years I have been living on this island. These Flickr group trips are a wonderful way for me to explore the island as it only costs a nominal fee as we all pool together to charter a bus which significantly saves on the gas money I would have spent if I decided to ventured out on my own.

As I was saying, the trip took us to several places in Clarendon, St. Catherine that I have never been to before, some I have heard of and some had no clue existed. Here is a summary of the places that we visited on our last Flickr field trip.

The first stop of the trip was the ruins of Colbeck Castle, located in the community called Colbeck located two miles north of Old Harbour, St. Catherine.

Colbeck Castle St. Catherine

The next stop was a little pumping station located along the path of Salt River.

A boat docked along the river at the pumping station

The third stop was a quarry located in Clarendon, not sure of the name of this quarry.

A small lake that has formed in one of the holes of the quarry

The next stop was the bathing area of Salt River, where we enjoyed not the warm and cold salty water of the river but some spicy fish tea.

Salt River Clarendon

Next it was to one of the Oldest Churches in Jamaica, the St. Peter's Anglican Church located in a community call Alley.

St. Peter's Anglican Church

We then visited Alligator Hole, known not for alligators, but for crocodiles and manatee (sea cow). Unfortunately even though some of the members of the group got to see a lone manatee and some shots of the manatee, I had no suck luck.

Alligator Hole

The final photography stop of the trip was at Guts River, on the black sand beach where the river meets the Caribbean Sea.

The beach at Guts River

I had fun on the trip and I am already looking forward to the next trip, where I am sure I will have fun, see new places and of course get more photos!

9 commented:

Hi Stunner it was great to see a couple of my old haunts, wow!! I grew up in Lionel Town, Clarendon and as a child my dad used to take me, my sister and cousins to Salt River where we had fun frolicking in the hot salty water that was coming out of the rocks. It was wonderful! I am also familiar with the Anglican church in Alley even though we never attended services there. The castle was a complete and wonderful surprise.Your pictures are amazing by the way, loved the one with the boat tied up at the pump station. Keep up the good work I see you are using your time productively which is great, less time for being down about the job situation. Thanks for the memories.

@Rockaway Girl: I am glad I could bring back such fond memories through my pictures! It is such a pleasure to visit these new and interesting places. I am glad you like my photos too, and I am so grateful for this hobby else i would be tearing my hair out in frustration with my unemployed and looking status.

I never know when these trips are happening :( but then again I love sleep in my bed on Saturday mornings, so it go

awesome pics master stunner, can't wait for the next trip as well!

@owen - the trips are usually on a Sunday ;)

the boat and the church are my faves--nice shots

the photos are hot! great work man, great work

again, Good work man You did well, n you skill definitely Growing at a pretty speedy rate.

Hey Stunner You photography skills have even gotten better! Kudos