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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gustav "Eyes" Jamaica! Update 1

Well as far as I can guess based on where I am, tropical storm Gustav has not affected us here in Jamaica as Dean did last year. I only experienced short bursts of strong gusty winds starting at about 3:00 pm. This did not last long or seem to have done much damage here in the Kingston metropolitan area. As I type this post outside is basically still, however we have been experiencing constant rain starting from about 5:30 pm. despite the relative calm here in Kingston, there have been reports on the news the eastern and southeastern side of the island has been experiencing strong winds and heavy rains. There have also been houses that have lost their roofs and some have been blown down. Below are some videos I captured on my Stunnercam.

Effects of Gustav on Kingston at approximately 4:00pm

Effects of Gustav on Kingston at approximately 7:30pm

Stay safe everyone who is in the eye of the storm.

7 commented:

Stay safe, Stunner. Tek care.

...patiently waiting...hope all is well...

stay safe brotha stunner

Gustav has drenched us -_-

I'm now drying out my house

I nearly got flooded out last night!
A drain was clogged up outside!

I wish I had had the sense to video tape Mr. Gustav when he was passing through this town. Man he packed a punch and a lot of rain!! I mean it's Saturday and we're still feeling some gusts and rain here in Mobay!! You can imagine what would have happened if this storm had strengthened to a cat 1 or a cat 2 overnight?!

Hope you're fine and the post storm effects are at a minimum.